Bukkit SuperVanish >> Be invisible 6.1.2

Advanced /vanish plugin which makes other players think that you're not on the server

  1. I have tried giveing -sv.see and -sv.see.level100 but I want both admins and owners to have *
  2. Does it work on 1.13?
  3. One problem with this plugin. Players can see how many people are actually on the server when they sleep on their bed.
  4. Can't set fake join/leave messages to automatically appear in chat when typing /v.
    BroadcastFakeQuitOnVanish: true
    BroadcastFakeJoinOnReappear: true
    Staff groups have sv.login and sv.logout permissions. Can trigger fake messages with the /sv login and /sv logout commands:
    VanishMessage: '&e%p% logged off.'
    ReappearMessage: '&e%p% has joined the game.'
  5. DisableDamage: true
    DisableMobTarget: true

    Why am I still being chased and harmed by zombies and shot-at by skeletons while in /v?
  6. I can't find the config in my Server/plugins folder (There's no SuperVanish folder anywhere in there)
  7. Any chance of adding in a toggle for silentchest?
  8. is it possible to make this plugin not only show a head but a complete body just like Essential vanish does?
  9. Anyone who have tried if this plugin works in 1.13.1??
  10. Seems to be working okay from the admin side
    Would still like to see this great plugin updated for 1.13.1
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  11. Not sure why, but player once saw me online after i went to the nether. Hope this will not happen with latest version.

    Thanks for the update
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  12. Does SuperVanish's latest update only support 1.13.x or 1.8-1.13.x?
  13. This is done by essentials I believe but can be turned on and off by doing /silentchest or somewhere along those lines
  14. Is there any way you could add a player count placeholder that only changes when staff members vanish. This would be good for any servers that may have an online staff count. I am using the TAB plugin for my playerlist and a section of my header says how many staff members are online. I suppose the easiest option would be to just remove that; however, I would like to have it there as it is nice to know how many staff members are online
  15. BUG: Dogs look towards the vanished players. A pretty good indicator of admin being present.
  16. Yes, there are PlaceholderAPI and MVdWPlaceholderAPI placeholders:
    PlaceholderAPI: %supervanish_playercount%
    MVdWPlaceholderAPI (AnimatedNames, Featherboard, Tab, etc): {supervanish_playercount}
    Since those AI goals are hardcoded into the game I think the only way to fix that would be to use spectator mode unfortunately.
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  17. @MyzelYam Can you please add BotMaker support so that it doesn't hide bots from the player count in MOTD? It must be detecting them as vanished players
  18. Its a great vanish mod but im wondering how to get a message on my hotbar saying that im invisible to other players
  19. you can download essentialsx and just turn on the silent chest open feature works with supervanish as well ;)

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