Spigot SuperVanish >> Be invisible 6.2.6

Advanced /vanish plugin which makes other players think that you're not on the server

  1. Same issue here for fakeplayers
  2. I have custom join and leave messages for regular join/leave events and I want to set this to show as the Vanish fake join/leave messages but the regular messages use the {player} placeholder and SV uses %p% so the messages look different.

    Is there anyway to have these show the same? {player} doesn't work with SV

  3. As far as you know, does it work under 1.14?
  4. No it doesn't... just checked... can you update for 1.14?
  5. Hi, there how do I get the "You are invisible to other players!" above the hotbar??
  6. Hi,

    I have chat disabled on dynmap. You cant talk or see anyone join/leave or people talking. When we use /v it shows us leaving the game and then /v again shows us joining. How can I disable this?
  7. Hi, do we need the latest protocollib dev build if we are still on 1.13.2 also?
  8. Any chance of adding a fix for this plugin conflict mentioned? It might also affect other fake player plugins that use similar methods as botmaker
  9. I know this is a long shot, but did you ever find a solution for this issue? I'm having the same exact problem right now and I just can't put my finger on it.
  10. Honestly i cant remember since i posted that on 1.12
    didnt have many issues when i had moved to 1.13
    but the move from 1.12-1.13 was huge with ID-Name changes
  11. Please install the latest version of ProtocolLib.
    It's much easier for BotMaker and FakePlayers to add support for vanish plugins than the other way around. They can use SuperVanish/PremiumVanish/VanishNoPacket's 'vanish' metadata API as described in SuperVanish's resource description to check whether an online player is hidden and remove vanished players from their updated serverlist playercount without a dependency. If SuperVanish overrides those plugins' changes after they already support SV you can turn off the serverlist settings in SV's config file. Another option is to use a serverlist plugin which supports PlaceholderAPI to create a new placeholder which adds up the output of SuperVanish's %supervanish_playercount% and for example BotMaker's %botmaker_bots% placeholder (though it's not easy).
    What tablist plugin are you using? Are there any errors in the console?
    I'd use the latest ProtocolLib release from spigot for 1.13.2 and the latest dev-build for 1.14.2.
    This should be fixed in the latest SuperVanish update. Please send me the error message again with pastebin.com if it still occurs.
    Which version of dynmap are you using? Does it work with the latest one?
    Please install ProtocolLib
    It should work with 1.14.2 if you are using the latest ProtocolLib dev build. Please send me any error messages that might occur via a pastebin.com link.
    In case you are refering to a MVdW placeholder you can install MVdWPlaceholderAPI to be able to use those placeholders in SuperVanish's messages.yml file.
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  12. Using the latest dynmap
  13. I started using your plugin SuperVanish earlier and after configging the action bar message is spitting out errors in my console. Yes, I did install ProtocolLib because when I am in vanish online, it doesn't show my name in the player count in the Minecraft Player list.

    Here is the error:
  14. I am not sure how any of those work. I have custom join/leave messages using EssentialsX. i just want the ones for Vanish to match those.
  15. You need to install the latest dev build of ProtocolLib for 1.14, not the latest release from spigot. More instructions on ProtocolLib's resource page.
    I think you're looking for %d% in the messages.yml.
    Seems like dynmap support is once again broken. I'll see if I can fix it some time.
  16. Could you all Discord SRV support, so fake join/leave messages can be sent to Discord chat?

  17. BUG:

    6.1.2 latest version displays a message:

    "Your current version of SuperVanish is outdated - New version: '6.1.2'; Currently: '6.1.1'"
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  18. Yeah they just forgot to update the version number in the jar file by the looks