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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by MrDienns, Jun 9, 2018.

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  1. Hi,

    So, maybe stupid question, but is there a plugin which allows me to only support all 1.12 versions, while having the server software completely up to date with the latest (1.12.2)?

    As in, I want to run the server on 1.12.2 and allow players to connect with any 1.12 version. Naturally I looked at ViaVersion and ProtocolSupport but it seems like those support versions way back, which is simply not what I want. I didn't find anything in the configuration of the two (unless I completely missed it). Any other options?

  2. Why would you want to play with an outdated client?
  3. 1.12 is way more updated than 1.11 and below :3

    Use protocolsupport then use an addon that can disable certain versions.
  4. Benz56

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    He doesn’t want to play with an outdated client; he wants to allow them since many people still use 1.12.0 and 1.12.1 for some reason. Hell, thousands of users are still on 1.8.

    “Use an addon”.
    But which? Do you even know if there is such an addon?
  5. I understand, but whyy. 1.8 I can understand as it is a complete different gameplay, but 1.12.0, is kinda weird if there is a 1.12.2
  6. It's protocolsupportstuff.
  7. Because some mods people use (such as shaders) tend to either take forever to release on certain versions or they don't release at all for a specific version. For example every time I want to use shaders I hop on 1.12 as (last time I checked) 1.12.2 didn't support this (yet), but supporting stuff like 1.11 and below is simply not what I want.

    Thanks guys, will test it out.
  8. Ah okay, that makes a lot of sense :) Sorry for the offtopic response, I just didn't see the point of doing this.
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  9. Thanks guys. ProtocolSupport + ProtocolSupportStuff and a simple config modification solved it.
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