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  1. We (as plugin developers) would not care at all about which version is used, but we are tired of getting requests to support 4 year old software.
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  2. Legoman99573


    I have nothing wrong with support either, but thinking you are entitled to support because you run 1.7 or 1.8 server is ridiculous. No wonder why some plugins have become shit recently, because once you fix a bug for an older version, the latest version starts getting 4-5 new bugs added.on top of that and it goes back and forth.

    Most plugins today is "Hope it doesn't fuck up for my server." And there are people who harass @pollitoyeye for 1.8 support still probably over the vehicles plugin. Or the RealisticSwimming plugin people harassing the developer for 1.8 support when elytra flying wasn't a thing in 1.8.
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  3. Combining and extending what these people said:

    For Windows, mainstream support includes feature updates like new versions of the woven-in software (IE, WMP, etc). Extended only covers security support. Other software vendors usually do similar, but the time periods vary.

    For Spigot and plugins, think of it the same way, only instead of specific time periods, you have a set number of releases. The number of releases varies across "vendors" (aka authors) with some quite happy to continue adding new features for 1.7 plugins, while others will have very limited support for old releases. If you want the new features or bug fixes, you need to move on.... Or start paying for custom support (if Hypixel are on an old release, this is how they do it $$$$).
  4. MiniDigger


    Only backported fix for spigot I remember was to fix timings uploading. Spigot doesnt distribute security patches as most of those.come from mojang and they don't backport either.
  5. Relinquished


    Its a perfectly valid reason.

    If I play Minecraft for the PvP, and don't care about the rest, what is wrong with sticking with the version that I feel like maximizes the parts I like? Playing a certain version for a feature is the very valid reason I can think of.
  6. When the version you want to play with is basically Swiss cheese when it comes to security, you're going to run into problems. Could be minor issues like item dupe, or it could be more major like someone exploiting a known bug to get shell access and use your host in DDos attacks or as a crypto miner.
  7. Relinquished


    Exactly. The problems are expected. Just like problems with madden 04 with pass interference and pre-snap penalties, which were fixed in later maddens. Yet, I prefer 04 for the franchise mode, so I still play it.

    Don't hate the version itself like I said before. People can do as they please.

    Sure get frustrated with people expecting support from places that don't offer it. Get frustrated with people that don't realize what they're sacrificing. But telling people they can't use an old version? Cmon.
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  8. Very confused on whats going on xd
  9. Legoman99573


    Basically people who use outdated software expect to be entitled to updates and plugin support.
    Why alot of good resources went to shit or don't use the new APIs as much because of "compatibility." @2008Choco is a good example of quality over compatibility fixes that breaks a version or 2.
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  10. this is half the reason i dont do minecraft dev
  11. You can still be a java developer for minecraft.. You set your own rules.
    If you want to only support 1.8.8, or only support 1.10.2 .. that's up to you.
    There's nothing wrong with your overview tab on the download listing: Please note that this release is made for mc version 1.whatever exclusively, updates to this plugin will focus on that spigot build, not paper, not 1.12.2, etc.

    If ppl who want your plugin dont like that, who cares.. it's nice to get their feedback, but if you mention up front you're not supporting certain versions that's up to you - and up to them to then not download it.

    It shouldn't be a reason to not be a developer.
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  12. And up to them to address if the project is open source.
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  13. I assume you mean the end user...
    Sure it can be frustrating when a project just stops or goes in a direction you don't like, but closed source payware does that too. At least if it's open and free, you haven't lost any money on it, and you can always have a go at fixing it yourself.
  14. i mean the shitshow the thread is, as that's what happens each time someone wants to support an older version
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  15. Hence why I'm trying to tell everyone (in different threads) to use updated software, but I guess I'll never win that battle...
  16. I agree. But at the same time, developers of popular software should make any major changes optional... We wouldn't even have this thread if the PvP change was an option (since that seems to be the one and only reason people want to run such old versions).

    Same deal with other closed source software - Windows and the start menu, MS Office and the ribbon, Apple's constant changes to iOS that always result in people getting grumpy. If they let you change a setting to make it work the old way, people would have nothing to complain about.
  17. Please dont hate me because i go a bit offtopic but there is another part of people who are using some random forks and are compaining non stop about features not working. Thats what drives me even more crazier. I see no advantage in using any fork just because it breaks so much stuff.
  18. *Paper*, *Torch*,*TacoSpigot*, etc.
    They should leave this forum and ask the question in their own forum. Paper does have a own one.
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  19. MiniDigger


    In most cases the problem has absolutely nothing to do with the exact version or fork of spigot ppl are using but with bad plugins and as such I don't see any issue when ppl ask for help with their paper servers here. Nobody forces you to reply to them anyways.
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  20. Or bad configurations. Or people expecting someone to set their server up for them.

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