Suggestion Supporter b purple?

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  1. yes

  2. no and i didnt donate

  3. no because no

  4. murica

  5. yes

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  1. 4chan


    Can supporter b purple name :3
    much swag

    same for other badges

    can they be their colour

    much nice
  2. I agree, you should add a poll to see how much people agree too ;)
  3. 4chan


  4. saphiria


    It don't think it will happen, @md_5 removed the pink name for artists, I doubt he would add it for any other ranks.
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  5. Hex

    IRC Staff

    From the look of it, colored names are used to denote staff members only.
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  6. @inventivetalent
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  7. Yeah, but not staff. (@inventivetalent's plugins are AMAZING though)
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  8. saphiria


    - @md_5
  9. Just interested in the source for this.

    Also, presumably you removed his name for the quote to stop him getting a notification but then you tagged him anyway lol.
  10. saphiria


    It was via email when I asked him about the removal of the pink artist name, and how inventalent still had his.
  11. latiku


    I'm pretty sure @inventivetalent is a guy
  12. latiku


    md_5 called him/her a he.
  13. Nope, I'm not :p
    I used to have a different (more boyish) profile picture, a few people concluded that I'm male from that.
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  14. 4chan


    looks like girl hair to me
  15. IRL picture or fake, wait too much like 4chan ;)

    If you can do it pls do :3
  16. 4chan


    4chan is more like
    ok tits or gtfo
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  17. ye, but that's not allowed

    4chan used to be like
    tits then gtfo (or show more)
  18. I've lost half my IQ reading the past few messages...
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