Surival Server Ideas

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  1. I used to run a server that let players buy "Protection Stones" and these days, people do not seem interested in the concept. I've also tried a town system and people seem to get bored of that idea quickly as well. Is a survival world where you are protected in your defined areas, considered boring now? Perhaps there are elements to it that I haven't thought of.

    I'm wanting to start a fresh community server that people will not feel the idea has been done a million times. I'm a developer, so feel free to suggest ideas that would require plugin writing. :) All ideas are welcomed!
  2. Slimefun
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  3. Custom terrains with dungeons etc. ;)
  4. Try using RpgItems?
    A custom world generator like EpicWorldGenerator and that
    kind of things, :)
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  5. Well, anything you think of, I'll play :)
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    • More items without client modifications?
    • Maybe guns? :)
    • New Mobs...
    • New biomes...
    • New dimentions

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