Spigot Survival Classes 2.5

Adds classes to vanilla survival. Great for Factions and Towny servers.

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    Survival Classes - Adds classes to vanilla survival. Great for Factions and Towny servers.

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  2. You very seldom find plugins here that took a bit of imagination, you did a great job!

    You should post this on minecraftforums.net and planetminecraft, spread the word, this is a really cool plugin!
  3. Thanks! It has been out for a while but I only decided to put it on Spigot recently. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. I will hopefully be updating soon, and with the update will come much more configuration. You will be able to choose the particles or remove them entirely, you will be able to change the effects on each normal set of armor and hopefully in the future you will be able to choose the abilities of the colored leather armor. Not sure when this will be out as I have other work as well but feel free to comment your ideas.
  4. Thinking of testing this plugin out for my faction server a few questions before I do though ....

    Can i add price per class? So that I can have new comers only choose between the cheaper classes and players with more money to have the more advanced classes?

    Also another question because I slightly misunderstood, so when the players choose there class do they get the items from there class? Or will I stil have to implement a starter kit
  5. Ok, to answer your questions:

    This plugin does not implement any way to purchase classes or unlock them with money, this plugin simply adds effects to armor sets that would be obtainable through normal survival means, with the exception of the emerald armor set that it adds which is simply diamond armor with an added affect and is only craftable with emeralds. The only way to have players able to purchase classes would be to use another plugin to "sell" permissions to the classes so that they could use them afterwards.

    As I stated above the only way to obtain the classes through this plugin is by crafting them, with the exception of dyed leather armor which can be obtained from the /wardrobe , however this was developed more for admins and does not have any built in currency connection.

    It would be possible to use a separate plugin to handle the permissions and give out classes to players with this other plugin once a player has purchased the permission, however this plugin will never have that functionality because it revolves around the survival experience and the ability to get each class naturally.
  6. Bummer, Really Thought This Plugin Was Awesome After Watching that video :/
  7. Im sorry that this plugin does not fit your needs, but unfortunately you cant please everyone. If you are looking for a plugin that gives players kits to start off with or to give kits in general, you should look at essentials or another kit plugin. This IS NOT a kit plugin and I did not advertise it as such, It simply adds CLASSES to your SURVIVAL experience.