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  1. Gio


    Hello all,

    I need to know how I would be able to change the items the Survival Games plugin puts into the chests therefore players playing inside the HG arena will be able to find those items, if you do know how to change it or in what file post in the comments below.
  2. Which of the 189184652968304871984613573418918465296830487198461357341891846529683048719846135734189184652968304871984613573418918465296830487198461357341891846529683048719846135734189184652968304871984613573418918465296830487198461357341891846529683048719846135734189184652968304871984613573418918465296830487198461357341891846529683048719846135734 SurvivalGames plugin are you referring to?
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  3. Tl;dr: there are more survival games plugins than there are particles in the universe.

    Maybe provide a link to the plugin you are using so we can help :)
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  4. Sway

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    Assuming you're talking about the plugin libraryaddict has? You'd want to post there and ask him. If not you may want to provide a link to the plugin in question.
  5. libraryaddict


    Assuming he is referring to that. He can modify the feast.yml config
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  6. Gio


  7. Dmck2b

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    Just ran the plugin, in its generated folder theres a file called chest.yml


    Try that?
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  8. Gio


    Alright I will change that config.