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  1. Hello SpigotMC,

    Today I'm making a server and I'm just playing around with it and it is hosted on localhost. This server is a survival server but what plugin should this server have? Please list 5-10, I'll be sure to like :)
  2. GaIaxy


    I'm generally against people creating servers and then asking what plugins to add.

    That's sort of like playing the lottery but asking someone for the winning numbers.

    Regardless.. here's my input:

    - Litebans (Ban system, Web interface)
    - DeluxeChat (Chat system)
    - LuckyPerms (Permissions system)
    - Custom core (Creative mode, time change, weather change, server commands like /website, server messages)
    - BuyCraft or Enjin donation store (Handle donations)
  3. Thanks alot GaLaxy
  4. The plugins I've used in the past makes things easy:

    Those are only a few, essentials includes chat, admin/moderator, kits, warps, sethomes, protection (use another plugin, it's terrible), and economy (you need vault and can be disabled). PeX is an awesome permissions plugin and pretty much required for anything. Chairs allows you to sit on stairs, adds a lot to a server, clearlagg helps keeps ram/cpu in check and allows customization (recommended, default is terrible). and lockette pro allows players to lock there chests, I've never made a server/realm without it. These are generic plugins that won't add any thing special to your server, you would have to search or make those on your own, but these will get you started.
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  5. I'm more on the classic side, using long-running basic plugins or their better-updated derivatives. And over time, I added some useful or fun things.

    The basics:
    EssentialsX (and EssentialsX Chat, and EssentialsX Spawn) - for basic player and admin functions and command simplification;
    PermissionsEx - for group and permission management;
    Vault - just for EssentialsX Chat to work with PermissionsEx regarding chat format, nothing serious;
    WorldGuard and WorldEdit - one is dependent on the other, so install both, I hope no explanation is needed.

    The useful recommendations, based on what you need:

    EntityLWC - an updated fork of LWC, for locking purposes (containers, doors, etc.);
    CoreProtect - for block change and entity logging, useful when dealing with griefing and such, can consume a lot of HDD over time, so purge the DB regularly;
    DynMap - a live web-based map, if you need that sort of thing and can afford the huge amounts of HDD it takes (in my experience, the renders take 4x the space the actual world takes but you can set it up for lower quality, which is still quite useful);
    VanishNoPacket (or similar) - for quiet join, invisibility and such;
    OpenInv - able to open and manipulate inventories and enderchests of offline players, along with their armor slots etc., very useful;
    Vote (by RabidCrab, not on SpigotMC) - highly customizable voting plugin, allows players to vote for anything, I use it for community voted temporary bans and mutes, if the admin is not online, makes the server so much easier to manage);
    AntiJoinBot (or similar) - only if you run a server with online-mode: false in the config, will save you a lot of trouble;
    AuthMe (or similar) - same as AntiJoinBot;
    MultiWorld - if you need separate worlds (even just a technical flatland for testing stuff, players don't even need to know about it);
    SOME ANTICHEAT - many different options, do some research, personally I use FairPlayMinecraft, it's a bit of a different approach to cheat fighting.

    Fun stuff:
    BetterChairs - working on 1.11+, highly configurable block-sitting plugin.

    Generally it's mostly about what exactly you need. When you say "I need a way to do this or this", search for a plugin that could be helpful, or start a thread in an appropriate section of this forum, people usually do have a tendency to help :)
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