Survival server - What can I add?

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  1. Note:: Sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    My Survival server.

    I run an Survival survival and I have been running the server since March time and I feel like it's time for an upgrade. Now, I have been thinking about a lot of, what to add, new spawn and etc. And now I feel like it's time to add new plugins, a new spawn but I am in the agree of being suck.

    Plugins the server runs to keep the server entertained

    • MCMMO -
    Allows people to rank up through mining and such.
    Jobs - Away for players to make money, by mining, building, farming and much more.
    Vote Party - When the server reaches a certain amount of votes (35) a vote party happens.
    Voting - Gives people little extra rewards, such as money and some diamond ores (2)
    Crates - Gives players reward(s) when they open a crate, with a crate key.
    Player Shops - Allows people to create their own shops, instead of using the main /warp shop

    What can I add?

    I am starting to feel like my server is starting to get boring, because there isn't much to do within the server. I really want to spice the game play of the server, add more new features, new creativity and etc. But I don't know what plugins I can add to the server.

    Pictures -

    Spawn (Built by me) -
    Jobs Area (Built by me) -
    Shop (Built by me) -


    All I am asking for is some help, of what to add to my server, such as plugins and etc... I want to make my server, feel more entertaining, more lively and much better. If anyone knows of any good plugins that would be worth adding to the server, please say.

    Note:: I don't want to move my server to a network till I feel like the server has enough players to move over to a network.

    Thank you!
  2. It's hard for us to tell you what to add really. It's entirely up to you. It's your server and it's at your cost. Play with the server for a bit see how it goes and I'm sure that once you start having people play on the server you'll want to also have some sort of anti cheat plug in to help you out.
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  3. I do have players playing and all that, I just really don't know what to do add. Like I've looked at other survival servers, and they don't really have much + I don't really want to copy other server. I have anti-cheat on the server.
  4. Would you like something to enhance gameplay? Might make it a bit harder but you can disable / enable all features, with what I'll suggest.
  5. Yes, I would like something that would enhance the server, to make it more fun and entertaining.
  6. Already have kits.
  7. Hi there.
    If you want to make your server even more unique, I'd suggest using a world generator. Try epicworldgenerator :) Maybe a little bit expensive, but hey, it's worth it in the long run.

    And one thing you don't have included on your list is vaults. Well, as I see it, it's more of a factions-thing - but - it could be a nice donator feature?
    And you can easily add it to your server without breaking the eula
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  8. Thank you! Please could you provide me with a link to the vaults?
  9. There are a few vault plugins on the market here. One you could choose, (for free) is "playervauts" well, fairly good plugin, not really that
    customizeable but, it's what you'd expect from a free plugin.
    Then there's this one: player vaults with unique gui.. that's the one I use for my server. It does cost a few bucks, but if you're serious about your server, I'd say go for it. It's completely customizeable, and the developer is very active.

    Playervaults (paid)
    PlayerVaults (free)
  10. Thank you for the links. All I am doing is trying to make my server better, more entertaining, nothing boring. I have been looking around on my server and it does seem like players are getting pretty bored, and I would like to change that in some way, to make the server more lively. But again, thank you! I shall take a look into the plugins.
  11. Well, that's the thing with plain survival servers - no offense. Maybe add a parkour, order a spawn from a professional build team and also a shop? Maybe buy a pvp arena?
  12. No worries. I just though I would start a survival because, I didn't want to create a faction server (too popular) and same with Prison, all very popular and I can probably say, it's pretty hard to get player(s) I mean, yes it's popular, people are looking for prison/factions server. But now a days, everyone is playing on all the big servers, such as Hypixel and Mineplex.

    But I will be taking some time this weekend, to look at my server, fixing a lot of stuff up and just add new features.
  13. Do you have a website? That sometimes attracts new players.
  14. I do, but it needs some work done to it.
  15. As of right now, trying to save up for Xenforo.
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  16. claim tools ;3
  17. Already got. Have griefprevention installed.