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  1. Yes have the same :D
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  2. @Wazup92
    Thanks for the update, but I'm still waiting for you to fix it the description of the kits.

    Thank you ...

  3. i can fix it, but the problem is that it will require people to reset their kits.yml, so i didn't do it yet, alot of people get bothered for reseting their work :3, but i might do a 'coverting' thingy in next update

  4. Thanks buddy, I'll wait this update
  5. Thanks! It must just be me having this weird bug. But it was brought up by a few different players of mine and I noticed it too. It's a great plugin never the less!
    Also I PM'd my server IP like you asked.
  6. Found another bug/s

    - Enable give-book gives you the book when you join arena, but it is empty.

    - Give-leave-item doesn't give the leave item to players.

  7. Give-leave-item is for spectators!

    After enable the book, which is enable by default you have to /reload right now
  8. So just tried a completely new map downloaded from the internet. Has 214 chests. Same issues as before. When chests refill their items aren't deleted and instead added to. And some chests are empty. This time it's not specific to around the glass. And yes, my arena is plenty big this time.

    Edit: It seems that smaller maps which have less chests are fine.. Anything with 200+ chests and this bus occurs
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  9. I believe i found your issue! add me on skype or wait for the next update :3

    I believe that the issue could be my plugin loading before Holographic stats, next update you will have option to change the delay and hopefully that will fix it, as i cant really test it because it works fine on my server :3
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  10. I agree! this would make the plugin even more perfect than it alredy is if you were to add that it would make the cheap 10$ even more worthwhile than it already was cheers :D
  11. This will be implemented for 'Bungee-Mode' not for the regular mode D:, maybe i will do it for regular mode later! but for now, every one is requesting Bungee-mode like crazy xD
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  12. SurvivalGames 1.9 is pretty much all fixes/improvements!
    But 2.0 might have Bungee-Mode, that is if i didn't find bugs
  13. Sounds great look forward to it enjoying this plugin already best sg plugin out there!
  15. Guys it seems like you can set 'Blocks-Per-Ticks' to maybe even 50k which is like x5 normal speed without issues and probably even more if you are too bored to wait it, as if the arena is big it takes ages!, but dont blame me if your server crash lol
  16. Also, i forgot to say one other thing i would love to see is tiers of chests if you havent already i have not come across it ? e.g a sponge block turns into a tier one chest and a certain clay block turns into a tier 2 chest that would improve the sg experience alot! thanks again for the great plugin!
  17. I pretty much just quadrupled that lol. I'm sitting at 200k blocks per tick and still no lag on my server. But I don't see a need to go much higher then that. It pretty much configs any arena in less then 60 seconds at that speed.
  18. If im ever gonna do tier 2 chests, it would be enderchests lol ._.
  19. Anyway there might be update today or tomorrow
  20. Thank you, thank you very much ...
    I'll wait what the descriptions in the kits