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  1. Guys please note that your kits names must be all lowercase for now!
  2. Before I purchase this plugin, I have one question.

    On some MCSG maps there are enderchest marked as tier 2's, in the beginning will the enderchest be transformed into chest or do we have to replace all the chests for enderchests?
  3. replace
  4. Thanks :D
    Dont use enderchests right now, if you built your map with enderchests then just replace them with normal chests and recreate the arena
  5. @Wazup92 Any possibles of bungee support to be added?
    Also, can we use the shop and kits gui with vault/economy support?
  6. Bungee is coming soon, some where in 2.0 updates, and yes you can use shop and kits with vault
  7. @Wazup92
    Hello friend, thank you very much for this plugin, for a while I've been working with him, but I have a few questions:
    When showing the kits available, do not let me see the description completely.

    So I wonder if there is any way to insert a new line in the description to display everything?

    Something else I would like to translate the rulebook that comes with emerald (Shop) and diamond (kits).

    Thanks, and great plugin.
  8. Thanks :)
    Any way, i dont quite understand your problem, but are you saying that you wanna show multiple description lines?
  9. Look in the picture is not completely out the description of the kit

    But this itself, although a little tight, it shows something of the description because it is shorter

    My Kits.yml


    I will expect a prompt help, thanks

    P. D.

    You are Unbanned from our server AventuraCraft

    On behalf of the member who Ban you, I'm sorry.
  10. Its fine really, you just have to warn the staff to not ban for no reason or with no proof of the accusation, Any way, i will be considering to add this feature in the next update! collected many suggestions in a notepad lol.
  11. Thanks alot for all the positive reviews guys! love you :D new update soon!
    I also added 3 new servers that you can try out sg on!
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  12. Server running survivalgames IP:
  13. Next update tomorrow or the day after 'HOPEFULLY' :D
  14. Added
  15. An really awesome plugin, great work! Can you please add these features though?
    - in the breakAbleBlocks and placeAbleBlocks section in the config, add "- *" which adds all blocks and "- -ID" which removes an ID incase you added all block types
    - Auto ignite tnt after you placed it down
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  16. hopefully every one is gonna enjoy the next update :D as it have a very requested feature :3, guess it
  17. Amazing review of version 1.7 by LtJim007

  18. Pls bro, help me! i dont can use the plugin, have errors.. thanks!
  19. Add me on skype! Wazup92 (noobnoob9430)

    Edit: Gonna go to sleep, add me and i will help you tomorrow! sorry 2 am xD
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  20. Wazup92 updated SurvivalGames with a new update entry:

    SurvivalGames 1.8 has been released!

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