SurvivalGames Plugin for BungeeCord?

Discussion in 'BungeeCord Discussion' started by GigFlint, Sep 21, 2013.

  1. I have yet to find a working plugin for survival games that is compatible with bungeecord (like restarting the server after the match is completed, /server sg1 joins you as a spectator, etc.)
    I have looked at Survival Games X, which give me nonstop crash reports no matter what I do, and 1 more that was only compatible with 1.5.1.
    Can anyone find a good one please :3
  2. Tried it already. That didn't work, forgot to mention it xD
  3. LiLChris

    LiLChris Retired Moderator

    It does work, do you mean you prefer a different one?
  4. Oh it does work, before it didn't, maybe I was doing something wrong. But it's also not really my style, I like the basic ones, this is wayy to advanced. Got any others in mind?
  5. LiLChris

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    I only have 3 plugins running a Libs HG server, took me like 15mins to setup, with about 20-40 players in a game.

    Check Bukkitdev, I have only used Libs & SG before so can't personally recommend anything else.
  6. Wait, how'd you set it up so they can't break blocks in that world. Because I don't want them to destroy any blocks.
  7. Mikgreg


    Worldguard, /rg flag __global__ build deny
  8. Survival Games X is actually wery good for that,idk what you crash.For me-all ok.Maybe crash report?
    p.s. for me,SGx better that Libs HG
  9. Wait, it didn't crash for you? Can you add me on Skype and help me out? :3
    My Skype name is GigFlint if you can. ^^
  10. LiLChris

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    Probably your script?
  11. Eh not too sure bout that, I took it directly from the example config and modified it from there.
  12. I think he have problems with plugins.IK what that can be(i was having toooons of erors in plugin too)
    Now its fine,and all ok.There is minimum of 4 plugins need to be on server(i have 4,and its ok working).