Spigot SurvivalPlus (Survival+) 2.1.1b

Adds new contents and experience to Minecraft Survival gameplay

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    Survival+ - Adds new contents and experience to Minecraft Survival gameplay

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  2. Excellent ideas! Will be putting up a server with this plugin some time in the near future.
    You should have a look at https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/extra-hard-mode.19673/

    I love the fact that you can't break anything without tools, a great idea, but workbenches and beds might be a bit too hard to craft.
    Remember, on servers without /sethome using beds is the only way to set your respawn location, so beds shouldn't be an "end-game" item.
  3. Please repost the crafting recipes and other pages here, Bukkit has them under moderation?
  4. Completely moved the resource to Spigot.
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    Survival+ v1.4

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  6. Is there possibly a way to make a flint shovel, since if you drop down a dirt hole early in the game you'll have a bad time
  7. The reason is to avoid finding stones directly by digging down, you can still escape a hole by stacking cobblestone/wood.

    TIPS: Stay on the surface until you have enough tools.
  8. Does it work for 1.8?
  9. I haven't checked yet, I developed it on 1.9 platform so not sure if it supports older versions.

    EDIT: There are some 1.9 unique features in the plugin, I guess it doesn't work on 1.8 or older versions
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  10. Survival+ v1.6.1
    Bed has been scaled not to use clocks.
    Getting a workbench now requires player to stay on surface for hunting.
  11. The resource pack does not work :(
  12. And the new recipes does not work
  13. Is there a way to force players to use the texturepack? Preventing x-ray and preventing people from ruining their own experience
  14. Ok, but the news recipes does not work
  15. You can manually get a "Force Resource Pack" plugin and download my resource pack directly to use, leave ResourcePackID blank (in settings.yml) to disable it if necessary.
    Newest Version ResourcePackID: 0B8D0KMKK7musdDNPU01MdVhaZ0U (can be seen at the "Resource Pack" column on the Main Page)

    Please kindly provide me which recipes don't work for you, your Bukkit version, and your server log if it runs an error.
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