Spigot Swift-Economy [MySQL] + API 1.0.5

Enhanced Economy System For Your Server

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    SwiftEconomy - Enhanced Economy System For Your Server

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  2. Why Swift-Economy when this doesn't use any Swift? This seems misleading, and you should probably rename it.
  3. I'm sure most people know that Swift is used on the OS for apple products lol not minecraft which runs on a totally different language
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  4. Make it a vault compatible plugin, so people can use it as a economy plugin without using the api
  5. I've seen plugins that interact with iOS products, and they actually use Swift. This is just randomly named Economy and you use the Swift emblem as if it uses swift. That's why I suggested to change it.
  6. API is much simpler to use than vault but thanks for the suggestion

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  7. But then plugins have to individually hook into your plugin rather than just hooking into Vault and then be able to use many other economy plugins without making hooks for each one.
  8. The reason why I don't want to hook into vault is because I want to keep the plugin as lightweight as possible. Meaning I don't want to force servers to install other dependencies.

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  9. Well, obviously you'd make it an optional-dependency, as Vault doesn't contain the code for the basic functions of an economy plugin. If anything you'd be making this not-lightweight, because they would need to get individual writeups just to use this plugin with other plugins. Rather than using an universal economy API, you'd be making server owners + developers to go out of their way to support Swift-Economy.
  10. Fine I'll add vault support, to be honest, I don't see how people could be that lazy to write a single line of code to set someones balance -,-
  11. That isn't the point, it's just that every plugin that uses economy its normally thought vault
    so (almost) every plugin can use it like
    Chestshop, BossShop Chestcommands, Essentials etc.
    without haveing to add every economys api
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  12. Calm down I've added a vault implementation to the plugin.
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  14. Does this go past 10 Trillion balance cap? Does it get balance from vault?
  15. Not sure if it goes past 10 trillion, haven't tested that. The vault implementation is still being worked on however it does grab the money value from either MySQL or the local data files depending on which option you chose.
  16. 90% sure Apple has copyrighted the Swift logo but you do you.
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  17. Yep you're right apple will be coming after me with all their lawyer's because I made a free open sourced plugin for Minecraft.
  18. I'm not saying that youre gonna be sued by apple I'm saying it's a bad look to have misuse of copyrighted images on your portfolio.