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  1. Just curious, what would you guys say is the best way to learn Swift coming from a Java background? I've recently tried a Udacity course, but I wasn't too fussed on it's structure, as the bits that were self explanatory, were explained in too much detail, and the bits that weren't, had no explanation.

    This is what I produced with the Udacity course, would love to find another way (P.S I learn better through trial and error, rather than just reading a book).
  2. Considering you have started coding and have a good knowledge of it you'll understand 90% of it.
    Some tips I'd recommend is that you read over the Swift Documents provided by Apple here.

    There is also plenty of Swift resources available here.
    For third-party libraries I recommend CocoaPods - it's super useful.

    Good Luck! :)
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  3. Thanks :) Overall, I actually quite like Swift so far and prefer it's Syntax to that of Java's, but, although I love Apple, I'm not a big fan of Xcode. I tried AppCode by JetBrains, but it's a... semi-step forward. It cannot use StoryBoards, it forces Xcode to open it up, which in my view, kind of defeats the purpose.

    I read somewhere about CocoaPods, it seems quite popular so I'll definitely look into it.
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