1.17.x Switch Plugin to Java 16

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  1. How do I switch my plugin's Java version to version 16 for the upcoming 1.17 update? Other plugins have been able to, but I don't know how I can do mine. I am using Eclipse.
  2. Click on the Window tab in Eclipse, go to Preferences and when that window comes up, go to Java → Installed JREs → Execution Environment and choose JavaSE-1.5. You then have to go to Compiler and set the Compiler compliance level.
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  3. Why JavaSe-1.5? There is an option for Java 16. Also, isn't there a file that I have to make for it to work?
  4. Then select java 16...
  5. Yes, choosing 1.5 is an excellent choice lol
  6. this is an example answer
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