Spigot SwitchableArmor v1.6

Switch Your Armor With Just A Click

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    SwitchableArmor - Switch Your Armor With Just A Click

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  2. For suggestions..
    My opinion , if u want and love making more plugins, make Supply crates(Envoy) like CosmicPvP have or make a legendary-ultimate-elite-unique-common-uncommon drop package chest opening and gives a items.

    For example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=2&v=XfXLkqXR_7Y
  3. Ok Sure
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  4. I hope u will make the new plugins better as CosmicPvP have :p x))
  5. love the idea of this plugin mabe adding permissions tho so people can use for donors or vips on there server would make a great perk on a server just a thought =)
  6. Do you mind explaining how this works?
  7. Sure thing,
    So if you had a iron chestplate on and you had a diamond chestplate and you right click the diamond chestplate it replaces the iron chestplate and the diamond chestplate so it switches it :)
  8. sorry for the bad rating i don't know how to delete it,
    anyway can you please add a sound when it switch armors?
  9. Sure
  10. Cant get it to work in 1.9...
  11. Hi there, as you see I haven't updated all my plugins, except a update for 1.9 by tomorrow or today :)
  12. can you add permissions
  13. Are you still maintaining this?