Switched To VPSCHEAP vps and lagging

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by flamingwavez, Jul 24, 2018.

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  1. my old host “serv.nu” or “server.pro” was perfect no problems at all 19.96 tps all the time, but once I switched to a vps oh boy was it laggy. With only me on the server the tps would drop just from me moving around then go up when I’m standing still. They say they use either Xeon e3 or e5 and I’m pretty sure they are good for minecraft are they not?

    Operating System:
    Ubuntu 16.04 X86 64

    70 gb ssd (old 20 gb)

    4 gb of ram (old host 2 gb)

    Unmetered bandwith

    Cpu: Xeon e3 or e5

    The package on vpscheap.net is called:

    Pure SSD VPS Gen 2 - OVZ SSD VPS 4x - 4096MB/70GB

    Unsure why it’s lagging when it’s such a upgrade, is it my OS? The cpu? Or simply is VPScheap not good? (They say they have a lot of big minecraft servers running off of them with no problems) I don’t know what’s wrong here? Any help much appreciated.

    Incase you think it’s the plugins or something I tried a complete vanilla spigot server (no plugins) and it did the same thing..
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    Have you ran timings (/timings)? That is first thing you should do if there are TPS problems. Check wiki for how to.
  3. Just did one https://www.spigotmc.org/go/timings?url=gabofufiga
    When just me and not doing anything but teleporting to warps

    When a new player joins (a player from old host that plays new host) the server freezes for a few seconds then comes back. I can’t really show other things because I’m on my phone and cannot get on my pc for a while. Just want to know if anyone can tell me the general problem here.

    I’m also a noob at timings so I don’t know what it means, but I doubt it’s anytbing with my plugins because like I said in the op post I tried without plugins and the same thing would happen + on my old host everything is fine with the plugins I have..

    Also my old host the server booted almost instantly this one takes 1-2 minutes even though the ssd has more space then the old?



    Here is a timing of when people join and shoot crack shot guns and other things that lags the server, any ideas?

    Though like said before on my other host this stuff doesn’t happen, so why does it happen here??
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  4. From the timings report, it looks like your server is not handing much well at all. Are you sure that you host has given you correct server specs?

    Keep this in mind. The less you pay for a host, the more crappy the hardware is going to be. Don't cheap out on your hosting.
  5. you may have got a broken plan, I had got one on another hosting provider before, contacted them and they solved the problem
  6. The host is called VPSCHEAP they have been a thing for around 7 or so years now so I would think if they were a scam the website would be down by now right? I contacted them about this and since it’s a unmanaged server they can’t do anything? I just want to know is Xeon e3 / e5 good for minecraft servers? If they are I guess it must be something with hardware. So if it is they will be able to help me.
  7. your tps is good according to that timings. It could be that someone else on the same network is abusing the bandwidth/network causing your server to lag and hang. I had that problem once i put in a support ticket and they were able to find the culprit and limit his network usage even though they have auto detection system. I'm with a different host than yours though.
  8. Tps isn’t good, that’s why it’s lagging. It’s a tps problem even tried without plugins or a world etc and the same thing happens. When loading chunks tps goes WAYYYY down and even in loaded chunks many times the tps still is only around 19.50 etc
  9. Chunk loading is extremely intensive in minecraft and for servers. If you want that lag to go away, you will need to pre-load the chunks. I suggest using the world border plugin for that.
  10. What’s the command if I may ask?
  11. Check out the World Border plugin on Bukkit. The page for the plugin has all the information you will need to get the plugin setup and configured.

    Keep in mind, if you decide to pre-generate the chunks, it'll use a lot of server resources, so I wouldn't expect anyone to play for a while till it's done. Depending on your border size.
  12. I’ll try this later but, when people shot crack shot weapons the server lags to, will this help with that?
  13. Tux


    I don't think it would.

    I think your problem is with GroupManager. Strongly consider moving to LuckPerms, GroupManager is abandoned anyway.
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  14. I strongly agree with Tux aslo. Either move to Luck Perms or Ultra Permissions. Both are amazing plugins and take permission management to another level.
  15. I’ll look into that but, I don’t feel it will help because even in a world with no plugins it still lags in unloaded chunks where as on the other host this wouldn’t happen even if the chunks weren’t loaded (and when other players load chunks the server lags even if I already loaded them by walking around etc) but I’ll try what you guys say I just don’t feel like it will help anything because this server is supposed to be a huge upgrade yet it’s preforming worst..
  16. Have you contacted your host an pointed out the issues you are having?

    They may be able to do something to help you. It's either they will help, or I would move to another host if nothing improves.
  17. Maybe they're called VPSCHEAP for a reason?

    Server specs mean nothing if they're putting 10x the number of customers on the box than they should.
  18. Well I would think they wouldn’t be a service for 6 years if so but it’s probably true, it wasn’t very cheap though 14$ for it more then ovh and I’m pretty sure ovh is legit but who knows
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