Switching from E-2276G to E-2288G

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  1. Hi! im a Minecraft Server Owner that currently have 5 Active Server including Hub (Survival Vanilla, Survival Mix, Skyblock, Creative, and Hub)

    Im currently using E-2276G, but I got a massive TPS Drop for Mix, Vanilla, and Skyblock. do you think upgrading it to E-2288G will solve the problem? because its like 20$ diff to upgrade from 2276G to 2288G

    Edit :
    because, according to CPUBenchmark, E-2288G got a higher Single Thread Score, so im considering to upgrade.

    also I have around 150 - 220 Players/day, each server have around 70+ Plugins.

    Please drop your thoughts here. Thanks!
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  2. Screw that upgrade for single threaded, chances are you might be able to get spring for a 3800X or better Ryzen that can score you similar or better performance from there. Except if the DC were passing down the 20% allocations fees along.

    I wouldn't upgrade to to 2286G now if it were to be a 2288G then I might've bite.

    Now if you are running at all cores then the 2286G may then be worth the cheapish upgrade.

  3. It is 2288G, I want to upgrade from 2276G to 2288G, not 2286G
  4. Well in THAT case then it probably worth going ahead, especially if you benefit across threads (e.g. if you got multiple servers running at once, plugins that use additional threads, etc).
  5. Yeah thats why im thinking to upgrade from 2276G to 2288G because I got multiple server running at once, and its a "heavy" server like Survival, Skyblock, and etc that load chunks, use redstone, etc
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  6. Bump. Looking for other opinions
  7. Yes that CPU has a higher single core benchmark and has more cores and threads... but will it help? Depends on the underlying cause of your lag. If you are getting heavy lag from server plugins, chuck generation, world saving, or another source... most likely it'll help but won't solve your problem. I see that you never provided a timings report for us to view, maybe you should start there.
  8. Except if they have a high number of players. Because the more players you have, the more hardware you gonna need.

    Just like if you were to be running a website. A website that caters to 1,000 users is gonna need less hardware than a 10,000 users site of similar specs.
  9. Well yes... that's a given. If the demand is greater than what the server can handle, of course he'll need a bigger server. That said, we don't know if he needs a bigger server because he hasn't provided us with much information nor a timings report... which is why I asked for one.
  10. Yes but the scope of the thread to begin with if the CPU upgrade is worth it or not.

    not whether or not he needs it.
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  12. I cant, because I've put my server to a different Dedi, in order to get a timing for it I have to move it, and it takes time, but I can only say this. Its so horrible, like the TPS down to around 5-6 TPS
  13. If your current dedicated machine is similar spec wise... you can run the timings report there. ;)
  14. Its not similar, my current one is worster than the 2276. but I use 1 dedi for 1 server, thats why it can run perfectly fine
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  15. My bad I didn't realized that part of the thread. I was inferring from the Title for further references.