Switching to Dedicated host

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Craftbonbon, Mar 21, 2013.

  1. Hello, I am considering making the switch to a dedicated host. I am currently looking at OVH and with the budget that we have, I can at most only afford the KS 2 pack from http://www.ovh.com/us/dedicated-servers/
    Will this be able to smoothly run a 30 person server with 20 plugins (with a few hard hitting ones like logblock, essentials, worldguard, NoCheatPlus)? I might be a little vague so please ask any clarifying questions and I will be glad to provide you with more info. :)

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  2. Absolution


    Yeah, with a 30 person server and that amount of plugins it should run fine :)
  3. Are you sure? Our budget is pretty tight so it could be a make it or break it decision. Since I am assuming my current host is using a shared node with a quad four processor, how much would it affect my performance if I went to an i3 dedicated? Although I am only given 2 gb of ram with the shared hosting, perhaps getting 16 gb will compensate?

    Thank you
  4. I have ran a server on those specifications with OVH, with about 30 players and some plugins. It ran fine, until OVH took a big shit on me and terminated the server.

    Back then I switched from shared hosting to that dedicated, I believe that it will give you a performance increase.
  5. I ran 150 players on that KS server once. Ran at about ~80% CPU. If anything having a whole core to yourself instead of a shared one will be much better even if it wasn't as powerful as the one in the shared hosting machine as it only has one server running on it.