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ssd's over Sata value

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  1. I am currently on hetzner I7 2600 16gb 2x3tb sata i am running Virtualizer with Openvz for my minecraft server i allocated 12gb ram and 4 cpu cores the server runs fine. I also run a small vps with cpanel for some hosting i do.

    My question to you guys is i have ordered the
    1245v2 32gb 2x2tb sata from Ovh.ie
    Should i opt for the version with the ssd's?
    What set up do you guys run container wise mark2 etc...?
    What os do you prefer i mostly have used CentOs for my hosting endevours and desktop gui's helpfull?
    Are you running virtualization for your minecraft servers for bungee or just seperate minecraft instances on different ports?
    My main thing is my first server was set up for hosting then i created a minecraft server for my son to play on and the player count grew by leaps and bounds hence buying new hardware to support it. Any help would be appreciated greatly.

    please look over my mistake ssd vs hdd i cannot edit the poll
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  2. SSD's do increase performance, but if you don't need them... I personally prefer CentOS, I ran no virtualization, but simply seperate minecraft instances on different IPs & ports.
  3. Jigsaw


    SSD is a type of drive and SATA is a type of bus interface. You can't really have a poll asking which is better...

    I think you meant to have SSD (solid-state drive) vs HDD (hard disk drive). Unless you are building an old computer they will both use SATA. There are different revisions of SATA of which you will see a significant increase in the communication rate.
  4. thanks for point that mistake out just got first cup of coffee. you know what i mean ssd drives vs harddrive with spinning platers haha both use sata connection blah blah i cant edit the poll so sad.
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    I prefer RamDisks + HDD. My Servers are in the RamDisks, everything else is on the HDD. Much cheap space for storing data and if you need speed, you got that ramdisk ;)
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    No problem. :p

    To answer your question I recommend getting the SSDs if they aren't insanely more money. They are definitely worth a little extra, though.
    With the speed/price of SSDs the added technicalities of setting up a RamDisk aren't really something I could recommend. Yes, they are super fast for reading/writing, but they take a good deal of precaution to setup properly and safely.
  7. care to elaborate some what size ramdisk did you create and how many?
  8. Thanks for input i do understand what speed increases you get from ssd's i have them in my home pc. What i am really after to what player count do you really need ssd to limit lag?
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    I use about 2GB per Server. Every server has its own Ramdisk to prevent a crash of all servers, if one server would produce to much data and overflows the limit of the ramdisk. I backup all those Servers once an hour.

    The Chunk-Loading/Chunk-Writing is insanely fast and is in my opinion definetely worth the lil' bit of Ram which is used by this.
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    There isn't a set player limit. It depends on a bunch of things including map count, map size, player count, and what plugins you have that access a lot of data frequently.
  11. Any others?
    What setup you run OS? container?
    what ovh data center in france is the best for speeds to USA?
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    I use Ubuntu 12.04 with no wrapper of any sort. Just straight command line with the minecraft instance running in a screen.