Spigot Sword Effects 3.4

Amazing donator perk to choose your particle effect on sword

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    SWORD EFFECTS LITE | AMAZING EFFECTS ON SWORDS - Amazing Effects on Swords Such As Potion Effects,Particles,Lightning and more!

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  2. @DinPro Your plugin makes things with all swords in a server?
  3. You could add a true/false option to only affect swords with a certain lore.
  4. This Skript does that. Well kind of
  5. I see, why didn't you just add a true/false option to the first plugin? x)
  6. I'm still learning on doing that.
  7. That's easy. =)

    Code (Text):
       AffectsAllSwords : true
    Then, you put this code at the beginning of each event :
    Code (Text):
    on some event:
       if {@AffectsAllSwords} is false:
          if line 1 of lore of player's tool isn't "Your lore":
  8. Please add screenshots ^MO
  9. Screenshots to something being removed?