Spigot Swordbirth 1.2

Spawns deadly swords out of the ground

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    Swordbirth - Spawns deadly swords out of the ground

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  2. I tested it and work weel also with 1.8.8 version ^^
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  3. Good to know. Thank you ^-^
    I added that in the desciption.
  4. upload_2016-6-10_14-46-13.png

    Spams that in console when I interact with the sword. Plugin works though.

    Seems as if there is an error on lines:

    56 of SwordBirth
    48 of PlayerInteract, inside the onPlayerInteractEvent ;)
  5. Seems like you configured something wrong in your config.
    The Exception says that the plugin cant read the number at take-durabillity: ? in the config.
  6. I never changed anything in the config, and im using the first version, not the update. I think you forgot to put the "take-durability" in the config in the first release.
  7. But why you rated the update? ^^ How ever, please send me the error if you get one in the update :)
  8. Do all swords do damage?
  9. Every sword that gets in touch with a LivingEntity
  10. I recomend adding particle effects and a charge feature?
  11. Particles are a really good idea ^-^
    With charge you mean a delay between using swordbirth or a time before swordbirth appears after doing the combo?