Spigot SybHideAndSeek 1.4.3

Play Hide and Seek on minecraft.

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    Hide and Seek - Play Hide and Seek on minecraft.

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  2. maybe hook into the skinsrestorer api? :coffee:
  3. Nice suggestion, I'll look into the api.
  4. does this work on 1.16.1?
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    Huge Update

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  6. I really like this!
    Would be great to have some more features, esp. for bungee servers:
    • having a database that stores statistics
    • having a holo for the statistics on the hub
  7. I might add statistics (with a placeholder), but I don't think I am going to add database support as I don't think any bungee network would use this plugin. I made it just to have fun with your friends, but you can use it on a public server if you want.
  8. Why does this plugin make all players survival instead of adventure???? I don't want players to be able to break the map
  9. I suggest you use WorldGuard to prevent players from breaking the map.