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  1. Hi, I've been wondering if theres any way to sync spigot plugins across a bungee instance, or if theres any program that copies them into each server's plugin folder for me. For example, if I get a new plugin, I could run something and all of the servers on my bungeecord would get it automatically. Does something like this exist?

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  3. You need a database (in this case I'll be using MySQL).

    Watch this for a run-through
  4. Yes, but 2 things...

    a) not all my plugins support MySQL
    b) I also want to sync the actual plugins (like the actual jar files) too.

    Does something like this exist?
  5. Is this possible/does this exist... yes with one caveat. Most plugins are designed using the bukkit/spigot api and are designed specifically to function on single servers so what your asking for isnt really possible with most plugins you can find on spigot. HOWEVER, plugins designed for use with both bungeecord and spigot (eg LuckPerms, certain anticheats like AntiAura have addons for bungee etc) will work if installed directly on the bungeecord and with use of a database or in some cases flat file storage in your bungee directory would be able to synchronise across a network.

    As for why you want to sync the jar files across i have no clue... so it stands plugins designed for bungee or have addons to make it compatible with bungee will sync across your network of servers and work. Most plugins however wont be able to since they arent made to work with bungee. You cannot just add a plugin to a directory in your bungee and have it sync. The fastest way to add plugins to all of your connected server would be by using and FTP client like filezila storing the login crendials and just manually adding them to each server (assuming they dont support bungeecord)
  6. If you control the servers, you could get really fancy and build your instances dynamically. Look up Kubernetes. It can be a pain at times, but depending on your network, it could be a huge advantage.
  7. Sorry for the very late reply, but I think this might be a great idea! I've heard of it but never really thought of a use for it. I'll check it out and tell you how it goes.

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