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  1. Hello, I am having trouble finding out how to sync data between my bungee cord servers...…and I mean the actual servers, not the proxy server.....right now, their are different inventory's for players on each on one server they have one thing, on the other they have something I guess what I am looking for is help on how to sync the servers. (My server is 1.16.X FYI) I have also heard of redis, and I am defiantly up to using it. Thank you!
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  2. Are you trying to get them to all act as one server? That's not really what bungee is for.
  3. Kind of? This is kind of how i want it.....i want to have 1 or 2 servers where the guests are on, which they can switch between the i want the chat and stuff to be different between servers, but i want the players data to be synced between all of them. I also want a server where we build that one can be sperate....
  4. This sounds like an

    It sounds like what you're doing here would be much more suited to a single server using Multiverse. Have you considered it?
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  5. I have, but i would prefer to use bungee......a server i really like uses a privately maintained version of LilyPad , and i am trying to achieve the way their servers work, but with using bungee........i am pretty sure you can sync data using redis, i just don't know how....
  6. Each server has worlds and playerdata

    What I did with one of my projects was storing the Experience (0.0 - 1.0) and Level (int type), aswell as the Inventory (ItemStack[] serialized as base64) to a MySQL database, which fetches the data when the player joins the game.