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  1. Alright so I just switched over to creating a network. I am planning on having global ranks. I recently made the change from Essentials Group Manager to PermissionsEx. However, since I want to sync the ranks with all servers( i am currently using two servers to test this), I have hooked up my Pex to MySQL. I connected them both to the same database(not sure I am suppose to do this), however, say I change my rank on server1, whilst being on server2, my rank will not change, even after I reload pex or the permissions table pex auto-creates. I am suppose to have both servers share a database? If not, how would I sync the ranks? This is my first time syncing servers together.

    EDIT: Alright, so I got it to somewhat work. However, say I change my rank on server1, which means it should change my group in server2, the only way server2 will take effect with my new rank, is if I reload pex. Is there anyway that it can update by itself, or someway to execute the reload command once something is changed?
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  3. @VizionStudiosMc I understand it is MySQL. Pex supports sql as well, however, it would not update automatically. I would have to reload pex for it to take effect.
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    zPermissions will automatically resynchronize permissions with the database every 5 minutes but can be changed.

    If you still want to use PermissionsEx, I suggest using the default file backend and set groups globally with ExecuteEverywhere if you need to.
  5. @Tux Haha! I thought of the same thing. I actually tried it with CommandSync. Is there anything that would make ExecuteEverywhere a better choice?
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    Less bugs, actually maintained by active user
  7. CommandSync Dose not work that good Just use the mysql.
  8. My plugin NiftyRanks can sync your ranks across SQL.

    It works by going through Vault and requires my NiftyBukkit and NiftyBungee plugins (you can guess where these need to go) in order to function. The only setup required in the sql connection details for NiftyRanks.
  9. @Tux I am not using Redis Bungee. :(

    @VizionStudiosMc Actually, it works pretty good.

    @CraftedFury Thanks for the suggestion. If I encounter any more problems with PermissionsEx and end up giving up on it, I will switch to that.
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    We use Pex for our global ranks. We simply just reload the plugin when we need to. If a player purchases a rank, we set their rank on the Hub, then five seconds later, reload the plugin on all servers automatically.
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    ExecuteEverywhere doesn't need RedisBungee
  12. @Tux I think I will stick with CommandSync. ExecuteEverywhere just errors out.
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    With what error?
  14. You still need your permissions plugin, all mine does is sync the ranks across servers and even other networks.