SyS new Game Servers Range?

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  1. Me too. Need some advice on the GAME-1 if it's good for handling a Network.
    Is the Intel i5 4670K better than Kimsufi's i5 3570S?
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  3. Anything behind the OVH network IS NOT suited for games due to the congestion and overselling of OVH and it's branches.
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  4. I think alot of people here would disagree.
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  5. the game servers are amazing
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    Yes, it is.
  7. Have you used them?
  8. It's okay for people with a super strict budget, but it isn't "well optimized" for games as it claims to be. The hardware may be getting closer to what most games prefer, but the fact remains that OVH sells at too low of prices to maintain a quality network.

    It's a budget host, not a quality host.
  9. yes
  10. Alas, it's not the best. However it is the best for your buck.

    It suffices is usually what people care about.. That 5ms ping is not dire..

    Me personally, and I'm sure lots more will agree, I've had no problems whatsoever with their network. In 3 of their data centers.
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  11. For what most people care about, I would agree with that statement.

    I personally use OVH for things that OVH can be used for, like my website and teamspeak.

    However, with things like Minecraft and other game servers, even short spikes of latency through VAC when you're inline etc affects you. It isn't bad at all for small servers, but I cringe when I see large servers STILL using it, which is what I was trying to make with this point. With the CPUs that SYS is offering with this new gaming line, it seems like they're trying to target larger servers. Small servers can easily use their preexisting CPUs through a shared host etc and do just fine.

    Once again, it's fine for small servers, but this new gaming line is trying to target servers that it shouldn't.

    Just my opinion.
  12. If the server is that large, they'd know what they need/want. ;)
  13. OVH is one of the best and most relied upon hosts by professionals and individuals alike. I am with a medium-large Minecraft community that uses OVH for all of its servers, and know that other large communities also use OVH for their servers.
    Their three tier (Kimsufi, SYS, and OVH) system is in place to make it simpler for less experienced individuals to decide which server to go for.

    Kimsufi is great for personal sites and start-ups, OVH is good for higher end machines. Sys is OVH's stepping stone into the gaming industry.

    It is too soon to judge how effective OVH are for gaming communities, but their Kimsufi and OVH systems simply are not designed to handle gaming traffic. Kimsufi was made to be affordable and still of good quality. OVH is for intensive computation/large storage/internal use servers, not necessarily for gaming.

    I think So You Start could be a brilliant service if done correctly, and it is wise of OVH to be proceeding as cautiously as it is.