SYS or OneProvider?

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  1. It’s either this
    or this
    Which one would be better for running 1 network, 1 build-team server, 1 standalone gamemode server, and 3 websites?
  2. I would have to go with Oneprovier here solely for the CPU clock speed!
  3. Got it, I'm a bit worried about the SSD space, would this work decently as well?
  4. That's the same CPU from the SYS server but you have instead of SSD storage just HDD storage. Yes it will work fine but don't expect high world load speeds
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  5. I'd rather go with SoYouStart, Have been using them for more than 2 hours. No major issues with them so far. You could also go with their GAME-2 too.
  6. FormallyMyles


    After being with both companies I'd choose SoYouStart.

    - DDOS Protection is better
    - General support is better (Although OneProvider replied fast to me they generally had no clue)
    - Cancellation is much better with SoYouStart (You have to cancel months in advanced afaik with OneProvider)
    - Free backup storage (it's a bonus)
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  7. [OFF TOPIC]

    As you are a 1 man team I strongly advise that you build your server first on an onsite location before making it public
    Atleast make sure you are sure on what you want to do on your server.

    3 websites for 1 server is overkill.

    Plan before you proceed.
    Making a server by your self even with the simplest feature is difficult.
    Trust me I know.

    I hope you do not end up spending money and your server is still in its development phase.
    If your planning this big. Expect no income for the first 6 months + how you build your server.

    Better find atleast 5 partners before you proceed.
  8. This advice is very unrelated to what I was asking. I didn’t even mention in the thread that I’d be using 3 websites for one server so I’m not sure where you got that info.

    I can’t say I appreciate it, since you assumed various things with no basis, but thanks for the effort anyway.

    I’m pretty dumb when it comes to this stuff so correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t the storage be too little for multiple worlds?
  9. My post was unrelated and an advise thats why in the beginning I put [OFF TOPIC]
    No worries my advise was free of charge.
  10. I'm unsure how you would define it as too little, I've my clients on that machine and it usually stores around ~160GB per machine in total. Again, Not sure what you are going to store it on but I'd find it a little difficult for me to understand how you would fill 400GB easily.
  11. Wut? A whole 2 hours?
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  12. I think he meant to say 2 years.
  13. In this forum, you never know. It's filled with people recommending the provider they use, because it justifies their extremely wise hosting choice.
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  14. I'm sorry, I meant 2 years. Not sure how I typed hours by accident. :rolleyes:
  15. you must be master host breaker if 2 hours of survival is a lot
    (I know what you meant xD)
  16. Haha, Yeah I meant 2 years but whatever. :ROFLMAO: