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  1. What host should I pick?
    I'm thinking of picking sys because it's cheap but is there are reliable site machines better?
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  3. ReliableSite for sure, especially if your in the US.
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  4. GeorgeHousley123


    SYS, They're much better for me.
  5. sys tbh, cheap and reliable
  6. sys is pretty decent
  7. Reliablesite is objectively better in my opinion, but SYS is cheaper.
    Both are my top picks for minecraft hosting. You can't really go wrong with either.
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  8. Reliablesite for sure. Great network and support team.
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  9. Psychz-Jimmy


    Do you need DDoS mitigation?
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  10. Yep.
    Do anyon
    Do anyone reccomend any package from reliable site or sys for me that could hold about 200-400 players for my bu I'm not getting that much players but just wondering because I don't want to switch servers if my server do get to that point.
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    Once you get 200+ players (if you do) there's a very little chance you'll still be using the same server regardless. Any E3-12xx v2/v3 CPU can hold enough players for 95% of peoples needs and more, there's no correct answer to your question. Just get an E3-12xx v2 or v3 CPU, 16GB RAM, and a 120GB SSD.
  12. GeorgeHousley123


    The E3 1245 with 32GB and 3x 120 GB SSDs should hold 200 players.
    Idk about RS, My 3 RS nodes could not hold 100 players with out crashes so...
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  13. Yes but for a bungee network with about 5 other servers? I currently have a factions server with a 40 playerbase and 7gb gets the job done...
  14. RSNET-Radic


    Thank you for the recommendations.
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  16. battle of the shills
  17. RSNET-Radic


    I hope I'm winning! (kidding) Although I hope you understand that I'm saying it's a great setup. The only thing I would change is the HDDs for SSDs. Not everyone agrees that it's better, but I always recommend SSDs unless it's for bulk storage.

    For anyone that knows me in Spigot, I've mentioned several times across countless threads that OVH and their brands are fantastic for what they offer at their price point. We don't compete against them, and the business that we don't get due to their pricing and deals is mainly for customers targeting an ultra low budget, something we (and the rest of the industry) can't touch. We have a completely different target market altogether and can say that we do well in that market. My goal here is to represent our company in a positive way for this community and those who have worked with me directly through private messaging here and through e-mail know my intentions.

    I do have an ad in my signature, but you can review each and every single post I've ever made on Spigot, you'll have a tough time finding any sort of self promotion or fluff posts. I try to be constructive and help people out where I can. I consider the ad a payback for the time and effort I put into this community, but I believe there's a setting in this forum that disables signatures if you don't like it.

    PS. Sorry for the rant, just hate false accusations. Lets get back on topic please.
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  18. TitanicFreak


    I would recommend ReliableSite over SYS, even though I don't use neither of them currently.

    If you need reasons why, literally ask anyone who uses RS-NET. As their reasons will be identical to mine.