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  1. Hello,

    Overview: I run a Minecraft server, and a staff member who is no longer with us had setup the dedicated machine provided by OVH for us. In order to successfully run, and manage my project I feel the need to reset the machine, and reinstall with my choice of control panel, web panel and additional configurations so I can better understand and advance my project.

    I've run into issues with silly things like restarting my Bungeecord server to update the MOTD and making changes to the portal page I think would better suit my needs setting up the machine from scratch so I have a better understanding of the details of my machine.

    I'm currently managing a small factions server to build a playerbase, polish my staff team, and get me feet wet again after a year away from the Minecraft community. I have a larger project in the works behind the scenes that is being development and tailored with all of the knowledge I've gained on the current, small and quite shitty factions server :p

    Question A) With all of this being said, I'd like to, and hopefully it is as simple as I am making this all out to be, save my current small, crappy project and take the server down for a few hours worth of maintenance and in that time reset my machine back to default and reconfigure it from the ground up. My current, again small and crappy server is tied into a Bungeecord network which I've learned we do not actually need at this point in time. As stated above I'd like to save a copy of the server, reconfigure the machine and put the server back online on the same IP address, still connectable to with "" and everything where It was left off without Bungeecord this time around. Will I run into any issues changing from "offline-mode" to "online-mode"? Or any other issues along the way this transition may not be so smooth?

    Question B) Security-wise, is there any precautions I should follow in regard to closing certain ports and such that a novice like myself wouldn't know when setting up my first dedicated machine.

    Question C) Multicraft. Is it still the way to go? In my return to the Minecraft scene I'm unaware if Multicraft is still the ideal control panel. Can anyone confirm and provide some additional information regarding the subject.

    Question D) While my current small, crappy factions server is using an Enjin website. I'd like to venture into Xenforo for my development project. Can anyone also provide some advice as to the best control panel for hosting a Xenforo website?

    Question E) Coming soon :p I'd like to put my crappy server online first so the players can connect and pickup where they left off and then I'll begin taking steps toward setting up my development server on the machine.

    Thank you to anyone whom took the time to read this giant wall of text from probably the thousandth noobie on these forums asking for support. Your time is much appreciated.

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  2. I've answered each of the user's questions in a Skype conversation.
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  3. Facts. Vouch for inksquid_ hes very knowledgeable and super helpful.
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