Universal TAB [1.5.x - 1.16.1] - RGB Support 2.8.2

The most hated plugin on paper discord

  1. Ok, thanks for letting me know
  2. Is there a way to determinate why the tagname isnt changing? I change it in the bungeecord config but it wont update even if i leave it blank.
  3. Is there any placeholder for determining the number of players in a vanish?
  4. Customtagname requires unlimited nametag mode which is not present on bungee.
    Check your vanish plugin's placeholders.
  5. Hey guys,

    If I update to the latest 2 versions, variables above a players head don't change,
    For example, Health doesn't update.
    and I have a players MCMMO Power level displayed too, and it doesn't display it till I type /tab reload
  6. Are you using the placeholders in abovename/belowname?
  7. You managed to find a weird way to break the plugin. Did you use /reload or something?
  8. Nope! Paper version 27
  9. Does /tab reload fix it?
  10. Crashed the server so no hahaha
  11. Send crash log.
  12. Yeah I sure am, above and below name.
  13. Try latest version.
  14. The latest version seems to of fixed it!
    Thank you heaps!
  15. Hey I have an issue with the most recent update I have a placeholder that contains the & symbol... basically my placeholder tag is:
    %denizen_<&chr[2524]>% which is a denizen tag, but I have it showing in the below_name scoreboard above the player's head. The issue is that it is parsing the &c part as a color code, but I need that for the tag, so now it is now properly parsing the tag... Just letting you guys know so you can update it to ignore color codes inside of the placeholders... Let me know if you need more info or screenshots or anything!
  16. I will contact you when this gets fixed or i need more info.

    Where can you see it's caused by TAB? TAB's threads in the full thread list is not a valid proof, it's just proof the plugin exists.
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  17. So I got the initial dump than at the end says server crashed and this was what it said
  18. I'm trying to get the displaynames to the following plugin (using their hexcolor support):

    Can't get the displayname to work with hexcolours when I have a prefix set (in tab).
    And when I don't have a prefix, the displayname work with the hexcolour.