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Edit tab header, footer, player prefixes in tab & above character

  1. [TAB] Not already loaded... Try again in a few seconds..
    Any solutions on this?
  2. This happen in some servers, but not in others. I don't not why, but I think it's a Minecraft vanilla bug :s
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  3. That message is giving if your server is not full loaded. There`re console error or an other plugin not loaded?
  4. It isnt doing it anymore, but if it does ill post the error from console
  5. It's some stranger. I will check, and try to fix.
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  6. can u add an option to edit the playerlist names in TAB? i know, i can add prefix and suffix but i need some like this (IN TAB):

    [Prefix] [Suffix] Yhenko

    i need to add 2 prefix in TAB list to some users (players with vip ranks).
    The Suffix in this case is the second prefix rank.

    See: [​IMG]

    In the chat, [Héroe] is the vip rank, [Obispo] is the common rank, i need to show both ranks like prefix in TAB: [Obispo] [Héroe] Yhenko

    Kaiser is a nation title, not important.
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  7. No, the characters limit will cause an error if more than 1 prefix or sufix are added.
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  9. Try sort it with color codes. Maybe?
    Check FAQ#2 for more info.
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  10. Hi!
    I just notice that there's a big gap/space after the username on the tag. Is there any way to fix it?
    The example is shown in the picture.

    #110 CreeperHodieMC, Apr 28, 2018
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  11. Are you using MySQL or file config? Is any sufix configured?
  12. Yes, I'm using file config and I did some modifications with the suffix.
    Here's the code if you need to know what I did.

    Code (Text):
    #better showing of %rank% value
      Owner: "&6&lOWNER&f "
      Member: "&a&lMEMBER&f "
      Donator: "&f[&1Donator&f] "
      DonatorP: "&f[&2Donator+&f] "
      DonatorPP: "&f[&3Donator++&f] "
      VIP: "&a&lVIP&f "
      Darth: "&f[&bDarth&f] "
      Moderator: "&f[&9Moderator&f] "
      Helper: "&c&lHELPER&f "
      YT: "&f[&cYou&7Tuber&f] "
      Fighter: "&2&lFIGHTER&f "
      Mystic: "&2&lMYSTIC&f "
      Hero: "&2&lHERO&f "
      Titan: "&2&lTITAN&f "

    #tabprefix = prefix in tablist with no known limit of characters
    #tagprefix = prefix above player's character with limit of 16 characters
    #tabsuffix = suffix in tablist with no known limit of characters
    #tagsuffix = suffix above player's character with limit of 16 characters
    #you don't need to use all 4, you can delete the empty values to not have this config full of "spam"

    #players are sorted in tablist alphabetically by their tabprefix
    #for a guide how to "bypass" this, check FAQ on plugin's spigot page
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "&1&lDONOR&f "
        tagprefix: "&1&lDONOR&f "
        tabprefix: "&2&lDONOR+&f "
        tagprefix: "&2&lDONOR+&f "
        tabprefix: "&3&lDONOR++&f "
        tagprefix: "&3&lDONOR++&f "
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "&9&lMOD&f "
        tagprefix: "&9&lMOD&f "
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "&cY&7T&f "
        tagprefix: "&cY&7T&f "
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
        tabprefix: "%rank%"
        tagprefix: "%rank%"
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  13. Config is good. Probably is a bug, I try to fix to next update
  14. I thought there's something wrong with my config, but thanks for letting me know that there's no error with my config.
    And if it's really a bug, hope you can fix it. :)
  15. Hi i have an issue when i try doing /tab group guard tabprefix [&e&lG&r&7] it says "Player is not found" , I am using the Luckperms permission plugin.
  16. I recommend you to do that in the plugin's config file instead in-game.
    By the way, what are you trying to do? Setting tab prefixes?
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    Hey Wisky987!
    Can I suggest a feature for the plugin?
    You should add a feature called per world tab.
    When you have that feature, there will be different tabs on every world.
    This feature is recommended for minigames.
    Hope you like my suggestion! :)
  18. Is not possible that say that message, mainly becouse does not exist in code. Anyway, TAB don't check if a group (or player) exist to add a prefix or suffix.

    As CreeperHodieMC says, is better chage config via file instead command.
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  19. Is not bad idea, but it requires so much work and time. Maybe in a future I could implement.
    Meanwhile you can use PerWorldTabList, I don't sure that works 100% with TAB.
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  20. I'm willing to wait. :)

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