Bukkit TAB [1.8.x - 1.12.x] 1.7.0

Edit tab header, footer, player prefixes in tab & above character

  1. taaaab.PNG
    This happens when i try to do the command

  2. That message does not exist either...

    Are you using the correct plugin? If so, are you in last version?
  3. Kinda confusing...
  4. Wasn't that already included in the current version? because I am still using it... lol
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  5. In TAB actually you can set different prefixes and suffixes per world. He want that only show players in your world, it's different xd
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  6. Oh I see~ Thank you for clarifying that.:giggle:
  7. What I mean is that if we can do different header and footer on each word, that'll be cool if the author will implement it. What Wisky987 said, the per world player tab is already implemented.
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  8. I look the config and I see (I'm so silly xd) that all per world setting is possible. You can set the different header/footer al prefix/suffix at the end of config, search option per-world-settings (use ctrl+f if you'r using notepadd++). Also, it's posible set perworld tab with option per-world-playerlist.
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  9. Oh, nice that it is possible.
  10. Hello,

    I have a faction pluggin and I want to display the power of the player in the TAB. But when I use %power% it doesn't work. Do you support that pluggin or other placeholder API ? Beccause I saw other tab pluggin that did support %powerplayer% or some king and I didn't find something about that in your thread. Thanks.
  11. Use PlaceholderAPI, and use correct placeholder. You can find complete list in https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/placeholderapi-plugin-placeholders-page-1/#factions-mcore

    In this case, you're looking for %factions_power%
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  12. Hello
    I have a server and I add the TAB plugin except that it does not work and I do not understand is missing a plugin?
    My server is 1.8

  13. It's any console error on start? What 1.8 version are you using?
  14. I using version spigotmc-1.8-R0.1
  15. Try with 1.8.8
  16. The plugin works in 1.8.8 just I can't organize the ranks

    PS: i'm french


    Yet the ranks are in order

  17. Ok thanks it works now !
  18. In FAQ :)

    How can I make players sorted in tablist how I want?
    They are sorted alphabetically. Let's say we have 4 groups with following prefixes:
    &2Owner, &4Admin, &bMod, &3Player (the order we want).
    They will be alphabetically sorted as Owner, Player, Admin, Mod because of the color codes. To change that, add another color code to their tab prefixes, so it will look like this:
    &0&2Owner, &1&4Admin, &2&bMod, &3Player (no need for additional &3).
    Done! The additional color code added will basically be lost as it will be overriden, so colors are still same, and players will be properly sorted.
    If you have more than 10 groups, using things such as &10 will obviously not work, go for &a &b &c instead (and if you have more than 34, you can try &0&0 &0&1 ...)
  19. Plugin isn't hooking into LuckyPerms and retrieving groups/prefixes. Any ideas?
  20. Use vault, all permissions plugins are hooked with it. LuckPerms give some errors, its an api bug.

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