tab header and footer not working.

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  1. Hello.
    I dont see the header and footer on my server tablist. But its not the plugin. Ive tried a bunch of plugins and I have the same problem with all please help.
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  2. We are missing all the important information to properly understand what might be the issue, such as spigot version, plugin version, if there's an error, etc. Please be more considerate when posting support questions. Because right now we can only make an assumption based on the info you provide:

    It's your fault, didn't install it correctly. (my answer, until we get more info)
  3. Lists the plugins that are on your server because some plugin may disable the tablist and are therefore not visible.
  4. Hello,
    Here you go!

    Best regards,
  5. My plugin. Please send me the TabList config.yml file.
  6. omg. Your pl was reccomended by mcprohosting! CONgrats! but here:
    Code (Text):
    #                     TabList Configuration File                         #
    # config.yml file. Plugin version: 3.0                                   #
    # Author, created by: montlikadani                                       #
    # [Default configuration]                                                #
    #         #
    #                                                                        #
    # [Placeholders]                                                         #
    #             #
    #                                                                        #
    # [Other placeholders]                                                   #
    #              #
    #                                                                        #
    # [Tips]                                                                 #
    # - Use color coding '&' character, on this page:                        #
    #                        #
    # - If you find a bug, send here:                                        #
    #                         #
    # - Use symbols in messages, on this page:                               #
    #                   #
    # - If the string is empty does not send the message.                    #

    #                Settings                 #
    # PlaceholderAPI use for the plugin.
    placeholderapi: true

    # Different playerlist in different world.
    per-world-player-list: false

    # Remove the NPC name from the tab?
    remove-npc-name-from-tab: false

    # Fake players that are on the tab.
    enable-fake-players: false

    # Used for %time% placeholder.
    # Formats/examples:
    time-format: 'dd/MM/yyyy'

    # Custom variables.
    # Unlimited variables.
    # Use: <something>: '&6Message...'
      <name>: '&5&o%player_name%'
      <lines>: '&5&m======================'

    # Enables to change prefix & suffix in player tablist.
    # WARNING! Overwrites the tabname function.
      enable: true
      # Refresh interval in seconds.
      refresh-interval: 30
      # Hide name tag visibility of the player.
      # This only works if the changing-type scoreboard.
      # Types: always, hide_for_other_teams, hide_for_own_team, never
      name-tag-visibility: always
      # WARNING! You can only change it to false if you experience a problem by changing the group prefix and suffix.
      use-external-scoreboard: true
      # Changing type.
      # Types:
      # scoreboard - Max. character is 16 (if use 1.13 version max. 32) in prefix & suffix.
      # namer - Max. character unlimited.
      changing-type: scoreboard
      # Player name type that will be changed on the tab.
      # Types:
      # name - Player name.
      # displayname - Player display name.
      player-name-type: name

    # Tablist objective type.
      enable: false
      # Types:
      # ping - ping of player
      # health - health of player
      # custom - custom value
      type: ping
      # Objective settings.
        # The ping side next to the player's name indicates the right side.
          # Ping update time interval.
          update-interval: 3
          # Which worlds do not show up in ping (world names)?
          disabled-worlds: []
        # The player health (life) the player's name indicates the right side.
          # Which worlds show your health in tab?
          - world_the_end
          # Blacklisted players who do not show the icon beside the player's name in the tab.
          - exampleplayer
          - players
        # Any placeholder can be used, for example, the player level.
          custom-value: "%player_level%"
          # Refresh interval.
          refresh-interval: 3
          # Which worlds do not show the custom value setting (world names)?
          disabled-worlds: []

    # Player tab name.
      # Allow to change player tab name.
      # Warning if this is false, the command will not be registered either. Requires server restart!
      enable: false
      # How many letters should be allowed?
      max-name-length: 200
      # When the player left the server, delete the tab name?
      clear-player-tabname-on-quit: false
      # Enables color coding for tab names. ("&")
      enable-color-code: true
      # Enable the default color. (If the player has not written a color code, this color will be given by default.)
        enable: false
        color: '&6'
      # Which worlds can not be change the tab name?
      disabled-worlds: []
      # Which names can not be used?
      # WARNING! Color codes are NOT considered in command.
      - tabname
      # Use %name%, %sender%, %newline%, %prefix% placeholder.
      # >> NO supported the PlaceholderAPI! <<
      other-changed-name-message: '&3Your name is changed to&r %name%&3 by&e %sender%&3.'

    # Tablist. Header & footer with animation.
    # Use \n, %staff-online%, %ip-address%, %level%, %xp%, %mc-version%, %motd%, %ping%, %servername%, %online+1%,
    # %max-players%, %online-players%, %server-time%, %server-ram-free%, %server-ram-max%, %server-ram-used% placeholders.
    # Use placeholders:
    # Use symbols:
      # Enable the tab? (Header & footer)
      enable: true
      # What world does not display the tab?
      - RainbowMountians
      - hub
      # Blacklisted players, where the player not see the tab.
      blacklisted-players: []
      # Tab update time interval. (In ticks!)
      # Set 0 to disable the tab refresh.
      interval: 4
        - '&b&lTabList\n&7    <75>&c W <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&6&lTabList\n&7    <75>&c We <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&4&lTabList\n&7    <75>&c Wel <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&9&lTabList\n&7    <75>&c Welc <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&a&lTabList\n&7    <75>&c Welco <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&e&lTabList\n&7    <75>&c Welcom <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&5&lTabList\n&7    <75>&c Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&b&lTabList\n&7    <75>&6 Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&6&lTabList\n&7    <75>&7 Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&4&lTabList\n&7    <75>&4 Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&9&lTabList\n&7    <75>&a Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&a&lTabList\n&7    <75>&b Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&e&lTabList\n&7    <75>&9 Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&5&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f Welcome <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&b&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f Welcom <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&6&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f Welco <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&4&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f Welc <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&9&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f Wel <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&a&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f We <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&e&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f W <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&5&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f  <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '&b&lTabList\n&7    <75>&f  <name>&c!&7 <74>\n&6Ping:&a %ping%&7ms\n<lines>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Website&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Website&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Website&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Website&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Website&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Website&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Website&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&6&o W&f&oebsite&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o W&6&oe&f&obsite&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o We&6&ob&f&osite&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Web&6&os&f&oite&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Webs&6&oi&f&ote&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Websi&6&ot&f&oe&7:&2 & <28>'
        - '<lines>\n<13>&e&l Players:&6 %online-players%&7/&6%max-players%\n&c All players:&a %online+1%&7 <13>\n<28>&f&o Websit&6&oe&7:&2 & <28>'
      # Per world tablist.
      # Unlimited world.
        enable: false
            - '&3This is a per world plugin&6 Tab&aList&3.'
            - '&6World:&7 %player_world%'
            - '&cThis is a per world plugin&6 TabList'
            - '&6This is a per world plugin&3 TabList'
            - '&3This is a per world plugin&a TabList'
            - '&aThis is a per world plugin&7 TabList'
            - '&6World:&7 %player_world%'
      # Per player tablist.
      # Unlimited players.
        enable: false
            - '&aWelcome&6 %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '&aWelcome&7 %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '&aWelcome&c %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '&aWelcome&f %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '&aWelcome&e %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '&aWelcome&a %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '&aWelcome&5 %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '&aWelcome&b %player_name%\n<lines>'
            - '<lines>'

    #             Plugin Settings             #
    # The TabList plugin is disabled (false) or enabled (true).
    enabled: true

    # bStats Metrics.
    metrics: true

    # Check for updates.
    check-update: true

    # Log plugin messages into console.
    logconsole: true

    # Logging to file plugin messages.
    log-to-file: true

    # Plugin enable/disable messages in console.
    # Use %newline%, %prefix% placeholder.
    # >> NO supported the PlaceholderAPI! <<
    plugin-enable: '%prefix%&a The plugin successfully enabled&6 v3.0&a!'
    plugin-disable: '%prefix%&c The plugin successfully disabled!'

    # The default is allowed to see the plugin information.
    # Permission: tablist.plugininfo
    default-can-see-plugin-information: false

    # Unknown-command - If more than one word/letter you write to it.
    # Example: /tl reload something...
    # Use %command% placeholder.
    # This feature is NOT enter into the unknown command Minecraft, it's just your own.
    # >> NO supported the PlaceholderAPI! <<
    unknown-command-enable: true
    unknown-command: '%prefix%&c Unknown command.&7 Type "&f/%command% help&7" for help.'

    config-version: 5
  7. In what world did the tablist not appear?
  8. rainbowmountains
  9. Hub is not a world on my server so I just kept it there idk why tho
  10. Of course, the tablist does not appear, so delete the world (RainbowMountians) from the TabList configuration.
  11. oh (Idiot redblock6 XD)
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  12. It is still not working its not showing up (tablist)
  13. Did you reload the plugin with /tl rl? Delete the 'RainbowMountians' world from the disabled-words list?
  14. Yes
  15. You can disable the SuperLobbyDeluxe and the TitleManager plugin because there are tabs in those two plugins.
  16. Done and done. Still isnt showing tablist
  17. Test the plugin on a separate server.