[TAB PLUGIN] Please help :)

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  1. Hello spigot ! I'm looking for a plugin that display ranks on the tab and on the nametag. I search it on Google and i never find it. I have already used AnimatedNames or something like that, but that plugin have a 16 characters limits. Sorry for my bad english i'm french :D. Thanks :)
  2. All plugins have a 16 character limit because minecraft will not allow you to use more than that.
  3. Do you know a plugin like AnimatedNames ?
  4. Well you could try NameTagEdit but AnimatedNames is currently the most configurable on the market.
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  5. The best one at the moment is NameTagEdit
  6. Yes but they are a character limits
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  8. You can use NameTagEdit, but if you want to make own plugin, you need to use Scoreboard with team and prefix, sufix :D
  9. I don't know how to realised that :D
  10. You don't know how to English that?
  11. No, i don't know how to create my own tab plugin :D
  12. Learn Java & Use the spigot API :D
  13. He wants to find one not make one lol.
  14. Then use AnimatedNames and Tab or titlemanager.
  15. Animated names + Title Manager

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  16. Minecraft has a limitation for how many characters you can have on a server or mine craft launcher without crashing the client/server.
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