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  1. I see a lot of header / footer tab modifying plugins but with the amount of plugins that do everything you can imagine on spigot, I can not seem to find a plugin that changes the tab menu completely?

    I know that's custom but is there a similar plugin on spigot?
  2. As of now, I'm only aware of plugins that can change the header and footer of the TAB.
  3. You need to play with Packets, but i don't think it is worth making a copy of Arcane when it is already a huge network, let alone the fact that it's the sister server of MineHQ. @itsjhalt

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  4. I'm asking so I can use this for an RPG server, wynncraft also has a similar tablist. I'm just wondering if there are any public resources that can do this.
  5. If you know how to make plugins, you could look at Tabbed by mcKeenant
    That basically lets you do that, but only works in 1.8
    Look it up on github

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  6. Ehm Theres a plugin called tablist and others if its bungeecorded and you want a bungeecord tab use this plugin called bungeecord tablist plus