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  1. Hi i am working on a server and i wanted to add tab prefix but when i'm owner rank it still says i'm Member on the tab list.

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  2. can anyone help please
  3. What plugin du you use?
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  4. Its TablistPrefix Plugin thats the one
  5. Can you send me your config file and your permission file?
  6. sure no problem give me a second
  7. Metrics: true
    UpdateCheck: true
    UpdateCheckTime: 1800
    NameTagHidden: ALWAYS
    VaultGroupMatching: false
    GetPermPrefixes: false
    ReplaceBrackets: false
    Prefix: '&7Member &r'
    Suffix: ''
    Permission: rank.owner
    Prefix: '&4Owner &r'
    Priority: 0
    Permission: rank.coowner
    Prefix: '&4CoOwner &r'
    Priority: 1
    Permission: rank.headadmin
    Prefix: '&cHeadAdmin &r'
    Priority: 2
    Permission: rank.admin
    Prefix: '&cAdmin &r'
    Priority: 3
    Permission: rank.headmod
    Prefix: '&aHeadMod &r'
    Priority: 4
    Permission: rank.mod
    Prefix: '&3Mod &r'
    Priority: 5
    Permission: rank.helper
    Prefix: '&bHelper &r'
    Priority: 6
    Permission: rank.builder
    Prefix: '&dBuilder &r'
    Priority: 7
    Permission: rank.developer
    Prefix: '&aDev &r'
    Priority: 8
    Permission: rank.default
    Prefix: '&7Member &r'
    Priority: 9
    Permission: rank.donor.coal
    Prefix: Coal &r
    Priority: 9
  8. So can you help me with this or not ?
  9. I think every player should only have one group. So you have to remove all the other permissions. (-premission)
    And than you have to restart the server.
  10. What do you mean by remove th permissions ???
  11. Du you have a Permission System (e.g. Permission Ex) ??
  12. I have group manager
  13. If you are owner you have all the permissions. (rank.player, rank.admin, rank.owner,....)
    But every player should only have one of these permissions.
    So you have to remove all the other permssions in the group manager.
  14. I only have rank.owner in the owner rank in group manager but it still dose not work
  15. Did you restart the server? Does the owner have the permission "*"?