Spigot TabAPI 3.6.1

This is the updated TabAPI for 1.8/1.9/1.1

  1. Bear53 submitted a new resource:

    TabAPI 1.8 - This is the updated TabAPI for 1.8

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  2. :)
  3. I noticed you mention NMS and I have been looking for more information on it as in how would one go on editing it if you could direct me to a source I would be grateful.
  4. Any chance you could update this to work the latest NMS (1_8_R3)? Or plug the source if you're willing?
  5. The newest version suppers 1_8_R3 and the one before supports R2
  6. NPE at TabAPI.java:327 on player join?

    Also, latest version didn't contain a plugin.yml. I added one myself though.
  7. Oops really sorry I finished this when I was really tired guess that's what I get will
  8. Downloaded yesterday and still no plugin.yml.
  9. That NPE I mentioned is still there too
  10. Post error please
  11. This does not work...just look inside the code, it can't work like you've done it...
  12. There's no plugin.yml included.
    I tried adding it from the old version and I get an error:
    Code (Text):

    [TabAPI] Task #14 for TabAPI generated an exception
    java.lang.Error: Unresolved compilation problem:
            The method isOnline() is undefined for the type TabObject47
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  13. This is because there is a method which will be called whenever you try to use the TabAPI which just throws an error.
    This can't work like that...I don't understand the authors aim...
  14. wow dude you didnt added a plugin.yml ( i can add it myself;this is just a report)
  15. Fixed all bugs