Spigot Tabfixes [Prefix, Suffix, OverHeadName] {Like NameTagEdit} 1.0

Change prefixes & suffixes! Endless groups.

  1. please update to 1.11.2
  2. This works for 1.11.2 as well ;) No Update needed
  3. How do I set someones prefix? does it work with pex?
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  4. support placeholderAPI ?
  5. Plugin doesnt work at all. No errors are thrown, it just doesn't work with Pex whatsoever. It would probably have been a good idea to check on that before publishing this.
  6. Why Does It Not Let Me Change My Prefix It Is Default To Owner Not Default Player like I set it to plz help
  7. how do i make the rank show up above the players head it shows in tab but only owner shows up above their head or member how do i add things like mod or admin
  8. I hope you can German ;P Also ich hab das Problem dass ich nicht weiƟ wie ich eine zeile frei machen kann da steht SpielerName und da soll Spieler Name stehen kannst du mir helfen?