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Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by XxFroggyKnightxX, Jun 15, 2018.

  1. Hello. I'm here because I'm trying to use TabList and PlaceHolderAPI.

    I can make the custom placeholder I created in another plugin work for the Header and the Footer of TabList, but the player list portion does not accept the Placeholders...? Where the groups are added. If anyone has any ideas on how to add the placeholder to the groups section of TabList, thanks.
  2. I suppose my plugin is about...
    The groups have not yet been assigned to the placeholders, because if you type the level of the player in the suffix, you would not update it because no task was set. But I do not want to set up more tasks because there are so many, and I'm running it all the time.

    Other question:
    Which plugin did the custom placeholder do?
  3. Hey thanks for replying. And I'm not sure on what you mean by which plugin. But it loaded the placeholders, it worked int he header and the footer, but not in the groups, which you just explained why.
  4. Groups are not yet assigned to placeholders.
  5. Got an ETA or will you do this in the future anytime?
  6. I may not add, but it will turn out.

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