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  1. is there a plugin which you can use the big tablist out 1.7 on a server with 1.8

    The plugin need to work with nametag edit
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  2. This isn't a resource. Don't mark it as one.
  3. +Wrong Thread.
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  4. Can you help me ? i m sorry that i postet it wrong
  5. MiniDigger


    help yourself, use google.
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  6. I made this but i only found bungee cord plugins
  7. MiniDigger


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  8. Unmark this thread as Resource.
    Google around.
  9. how
  10. i did it
  11. Use Google really Helpful! i mean this
  12. yes but i dont found something on google
  13. Nametagedit, colored tags etc etc, essentials only for tab, etc etc

  14. no i need a plugin which i have a full tablist
  15. That is why I asked if this is what he was looking for...