Spigot TabList+ 0.50

Clored TabList and Header, Footer

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    TabList+ - Clored TabList and Header, Footer

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  2. Can you give titles and more colors in the tablist?
  3. like red an gold
  4. Maybe some English lessons could be a good idee.... Serveur is frence SERVER is english!
    Apart of the bad english it is a good Plugin! I like it!
  5. I'am sorry for my english. I'm french =)
  6. You want gold and red ?
  7. I think yes !
  8. how do i add colors? to my text?
  9. You do: "&aText &bexample"
  10. I cant get it show tablist colors, or header and footer? Im using spigot 1.8.3.
  11. Oh ! Good plugin i'm looking for this plugin
  12. What is you're server version ?
  13. Ok tank you
  14. - -Tablist.red won't work.... what can i do?
  15. Cause you server version is on 1.8.7 and my plugin is on 1.8 sorry
  16. It's for Op Payer ??
  17. Is this for 1.7.x spigot ? Buz i need that :)