Spigot TabLocation 1.4.1

Adds the players location to their tab name, so you can see where they are by pressing tab any time

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    TabLocation - Adds the players location to their tab name, so you can see where they are by pressing tab at any ti

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  2. Great plugin!May I repost it to other Minecraft forum?
    I promise I will only do some introduce for this plugin and link them to the SpigotMC page for download
    Just let more people to know this plugin!
  3. yeah of course
  4. Hope to add some functions, for example, when you have a certain permission, you can hide your coordinate position, and display the coordinate position when you have no authority.
    The plug-in seems to conflict with some tablist beautified plug-ins (TabListPro). I hope to add a Papi
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  5. Thank you for your suggestion, I will look into it!
  6. coooooollllll updateeeeeee
  7. How do I make it so tablocation works for all my players without having too /op them?
  8. Hm... is it just me or did this plugin stop working suddenly today? Was working fine yesterday unless another plugin is messing with this one.
    No errors; the tab is just plain regular vanilla Minecraft tab. I deleted and regenerated the plugin folder for TabLocation but still no dice, and then restarting the server again. E_E
  9. I really want to use this but it seems to clear all Pre-fixes and formatting (colors,bold) from scoreboard names when using Essentials Chat. Is this possible to fix?
  10. May want to present a screenshot on your page without F3 open to clearly see what you are showcasing, just some feedback. ^^
  11. hey can you add a list of commands because I don't want people's coords to show but I don't know how to disable that
  12. There is an option in config.yml. There aren't any commands in the plugin
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