Spigot Taeko's Dupe Plugin (No Further Development) 2.1.0 | 1.15.X (Untested)

a fairly simple dupe checker

  1. quarkparticles submitted a new resource:

    Skysucht Dupe - A dupe checker made for the Skysucht.com Minecraft server.

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  2. on spigot 1.14.4
  3. thank you for letting me know, i'll look into this
  4. this plugin is intended for spigot 1.8, so that is probably the reason. this weekend i'll release an update that will support newer versions of spigot, so once it comes out, try that one to see if that helps anything. Thanks again!
  5. Thanks for answer. Im hyped about that. Would be nice when u add a config for looking special items in chest. Like spawner beacon endportalframe or tp function when i click on coords i chat.
  6. i'll definitely put that on the roadmap! thanks for your feedback!
    Skysucht Dupe v2.1.0 is released!

    1. Added config options for header/footer of dupe listing (more options such as blocks coming soon...)
    2. Changed name to "Taeko's Dupe Plugin"
    3. Updated version to 1.15.2

    The link attached to this post has the untested version. As soon as I complete the testing of the plugin (tomorrow most likely) i will update this post to contain the new link. This version also is intended for version 1.15.2, although legacy support will also be released soon (1.8 to 1.14).

    Download UNTESTED version here:

    Thank you and glad you are interested in my plugin!!