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Change Your TabList Name Color

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    TagAPI - Change Your TabList Name Color

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  2. To use the API just add the downloaded jar into your decompiler then copy the code into the java program
  3. Can you make it so certain groups have different colours please?
  4. Sure! im working on that now!
  5. Comming soon will be:

    Adding Group Prefixes before Name
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  6. Probably the dumbest plugin ever. No API, and you told the person below me that the API was to just copy the commands from your plugin to the plugin i want to put it in? That is not an API, that is just copying code. Lucky I didn't leave a review on this..
  7. The plugin is a bunch of copy-paste code. Change name, if you didn't choose it on purpose. It has nothing to do with the real TagAPI, people will be misleaded and leave negative reviews.
  8. My Mistake (I renamed it!)