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  1. Hey all,

    I currently have a lot of free time and am taking plugin requests (although I will not take big requests like minigames) which I will put up for free as spigot resources.
  2. Could you make a plugin that, on the right click of an item, teleports the player to a random player in the server?
  3. An achievement plugin by gui with rewards (vault implemented) you can give by config?
  4. Probably not supposed to hijack this thread, but here, I just coded it for you. There isn't any permissions for it, you can configure the teleportation messages inside of the config, as well as the item needed to teleport and well, that's it. You just need to put the teleporter jar in to your plugin folder and it should work without issue. Enjoy.

    (File is attached!)

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  5. And I hate to double hijack it, but you should check if the item in hand on interact is null before processing its type. This can cause really irritating NPEs.
  6. Fixed! Was just a few minute job and I never fully tested it. Thanks!
  7. Wrong place..