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  1. So i want the IP mc.<name>.net but dont know anything about domains/VPN's

    All help is appreciated
    - Jacko :)
  2. You're kidding?

    If you would of took the time to google the word "VPN" you'd find out it stands for Virtual Private Network, which is commonly used as a proxy-like IP masking/home network protection.

    You simply purchase a domain name from a domain name provider such as, and you add an A record pointing to your server IP.
    Simple google searches would of told you all this.

    Sorry to be kinda rude, but you should of tried figuring this out yourself before posting here.
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  3. To get you started -

    The "mc." or "play." before a domain is called a subdomain.

    Making your domain point to one place (like a website), and a subdomain point somewhere else (like a minecraft server) is handled with DNS.

    Your DNS provider is usually whomever you registered your domain with, unless you've changed it. Hopefully this gives you a place to start googling :)
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  4. 1. damn i thought the spigot community was more kind then this
    2. i looked at the Wikipedia page and dont understand it that is why i came here
  5. Sorry, I was a bit too hostile.
    Don't let my comment judge the community.

    I believe whats others have said and some of what I said previously should of answered your question.
    if you need anymore help please feel free to ask.
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  6. Thankyou :)