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    TangledMaze - a super cool maze generator

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  2. does this work on 1.13 if so i would love it!
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  3. it sort of works but when you go to tell it to build it errors out... but selecting n all that works. would love to see this come back to life
  4. Hey lilacorn,
    I am apologizing that TangledMaze is not compatible with 1.13 yet. I can see that it is just a very little part in the plugin that has become defect in this version. I will look what I can do in the next days to get this to work again.

    Hopefully you can wait that long, otherwise you can also try to build the maze in a lower minecraft version and copy it afterwards.

  5. i can wait. it would be to much of a trouble to rollback the spigot version just to use the plugin to generate one.
  6. This looks absolutely amazing, can't wait to try it out!
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  7. OK, still haven't had time to install it yet, just a feature question, does this plugin have rewards (or plan on adding them) for completion or checkpoints or maybe just a way to run a command when you walk over a specific block? That would be really useful to encourage users to take part in the maze. I have other ways of doing it on the server, but it would be nice to be able to control it via the plugin, especially with a built-in way to block duplication, etc. (like someone walking over the space over and over to collect the reward, maybe it would teleport someone away or block reentry from exits?). Thanks!
  8. This plugin is meant to be a build tool. Even if it is a nice idea to have a feature for motivating players to enter a maze, this would rather be a task for an additional plugin. I am not going to implement this idea into Tangled Maze.
    However I can offer you to code your idea in a new plugin. If you are interested pm me.
  9. And I have suggestion. Will be cool if maze gen plugin will can generate mazes with no dead ends, it will be useful for dungeons with chests and monsters.
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    Thanks for the update. Works great!
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    Test 1: a large maze with two exits, both at the bottom:
    The lime path is the solution. I would have expected (and hoped) that the solution would encompass more of the maze. Is this an expected outcome?
  12. Well random generated means random generated. I have no control about where the path is winding to. But the closer 2 exits are, the higher the chance that they will be connected with a short path.

    TM 1.3 feature will definitely be to unbuild and rebuild a maze since it can cost a lot of time to recreate a floor plan. Until then things like this are simply not avoidable.

    (You can always just put a wall somewhere and remove one somewhere else and then the path is already much more complex. That would be more of a manual way to deal with it.)
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